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Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a new endless snowboarding game from Snowman. In this game, you play as one of several snow boarders (including the titular Alto) on a fast-paced quest to catch some escaped llamas. The path happens to be mostly downhill and packed with hazards like rocks, chasms, and angry elders You start as Alto, a young shepherd boy trying to return escaped llamas as you snowboard down the mountain. But you’ll also grind down roofs, avoid rocks, perform backflips, collect coins and jump over dangerous chasms on your journey. Any slip up means you’ll go back to the beginning.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will keep you going in the game.

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Save Up for The Wingsuit

Alto’s Adventure lets you pay coins to add more time to your coin magnet and hover feather power-ups. Your main goal is to save up for the wingsuit, which enables you become airborne and perform flips much more easily than normal. The wingsuit is expensive – 7500 coins – and there’s no shortcut to earning it (Alto’s Adventure doesn’t have in-app purchases). But if you keep on playing, you should earn it in a day or so.

Don’t Pull Off Flips On Shallow Hills

It’s difficult to pull off flips on hills with small inclines. Small hills are what you tend to see during the first moments of a run in Alto’s Adventure. Be patient and wait for opportunities to flip down steep hills.

Level Up to Unlock New Boarders with Different Skills

As you complete missions and level up, you unlock new boarders with different abilities. These specialties can come in very handy when meeting difficult level goals.

Jump Just Before Flying Off a Ramp

It can be tricky to nail the correct timing for a leap over a chasm. Jump just before flying off a ramp to get that bit of extra height.

When It’s Dark, Let Coins Guide You

You shred through darkness and storms as well as fair weather. When visibility gets low, keep an eye on coin trails. They usually form paths up and over hazards like rocks.

Focus On the Goals at Hand

Don’t feel obligated to do a lot of tricks and flips if your level missions don’t call for it. Sometimes it’s best to zero in on your tasks to get them out of the way.

Stay Low for Coins And Power-Ups

The game offers myriad opportunities to grind on bunting, which is a great way to avoid obstacles and gain extra height for flips. However, most coins and power-ups are at ground level. Keep that in mind if you’re tasked with collecting a certain power-up.

Learn How to Bounce Off Rocks

You can fly high if you bounce off a rock. Rock-bouncing will also save you from wiping out if you land on top of one.

You Can Smash Rocks with A Burst Of Speed

You can smash a rock by plowing through it when you are wrapped in a speed burst. Speed bursts occur after successfully executing a flip. Boarding down icy hills also causes you to go faster.

Jump to Avoid Pursuing Elders

If you leap over a campfire, the elder resting by it will jump on their llama and pursue you. If they catch you – or if you leap on top of them – they’ll topple you. However, elders slow down a bit when you jump, so well-timed hops can keep them off your back. Once you soar over a chasm, you should be done with them for good.

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Alto’s Adventure gives you solid gameplay wrapped in a beautiful visual experience. Achievements let you focus on specific skills to level up.


At night in certain weather conditions, it’s almost impossible to see the obstacles.

While the gameplay is not as feature-packed as other games from the genre, Alto’s Adventure’s graphical style is more than worth your money.



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