Arab Empire: Wrath of Khalifah

Arab Empire:  Wrath of Khalifah is the first MMOSLG that based on the history of Arab Empire. Arab Empire(632 A.D-1258 A.D) was the Arab invasions of surrounding lands resulted in the establishment of Islamic Empire in the Middle Ages. After 626 years, there were four main periods of Khalifa, Umayyad Dynasty, and Abbas Dynasty.

In the period of golden age, the territory stretched from Indus River and Congling in the east to the Atlantic Coast in the west, and from Caucasus, the Caspian Sea and South France in the north to the Arabian Sea and the Sahara in the south. It is one of the longest cross the east and west empire in the ancient world history.

The game combines strategy gameplay and defense element delicately; it will bring you a whole new gaming experience. The game also integrates hero and troop forming mode.
The player can free unlock the chest, do the lottery or attack monster to train the hero and troop. Powerful hero and troop will help you build a powerful empire. Also, you can find the character prototype for the hero and troop unit in the history of Arab Empire. As the inheritor, you must return to the city to command the troops and develop homeland to defeat the enemies and unify the empire.

Here are some features in the game

  1. Recruit Heroes, Form in Strategy.

Each hero has four characters such as Loyalty, Calm, Reckless and Discretion. Hero with different characters has different skills such as combat, develop and defend, etc. You can get the Hero Token to recruit hero through opening the chest, recruiting from Hero Tower or engaging the event.

  1. Siege Castles, 32 in Real-time:

You can scout other lord’s castle at any time to analyze their attack and defense value. You should attack them to plunder resources and negotiate to become allies.

  1. Gather Resources, Upgrade Buildings:

You can build Farm, Iron Mine, Sawmill, Quarry, and Trade Guild to get Food, Iron, Stone Wood, and Silver. Upgrade buildings to enhance the power.

  1. Troop Restriction, Training In Tactics:

There are four kinds of the troop in Arab Empire: Infantry, Bowmen, Cavalry and Siege Engine. They are restrained to each other: Infantry is a weakness against Cavalry; Cavalry is good to be used to destroy the Siege Engine.

  1. Capture Hero, Judge Slave:

In this game, you should attack other lords and try to capture their heroes as your slave. Judge the slaves in the Court to win resource, military, and internal bonus.

  1. World battlefield, Legion PK:

You can rally allies to launch an attack on enemies when the Hall of War reach Level 6. Tense lord strife, exciting Legion War; deploy your war strategy to be the most powerful king.

Arab Empire1

You can simulate to build a city, construct fortifications and train army, and to establish the most powerful empire.

The design of characters, costumes, decorations, and weapons are all well-designed by the group of artists and designers. They are trying to present a visual feast to players. Not only can play in ease and pleasurable but also can experience the prosperity period of Arab Empire. The game will bring you a different play experience.



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