Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is a casual mobile game developed by King for Android and iOS. In Bubble Witch 3 Saga players will travel the realm, popping as many bubbles as they can against the clock across a huge number of different levels.

In every level players will have a set number of bubbles that they can fire up the screen to match them with bubbles of the same type. Matching bubbles with two or more of the same color will clear them out of the level, opening up new spots to fire your bubbles into to make even more matches.

Tips And Tricks In The Game

  1. Aim for the weaklinks.

Before you fire off a bubble, make sure you are shooting one into the best spot. Look around the mass of bubbles before you do and see if you can find any “weak” links. If a bubble has no anchor point or any surrounding bubbles to hang onto, it will fall down and automatically be collected. You can take advantage of this by taking out thin sections of a big mass to bring the whole thing down. Look for thin chains that are connecting big lumps of bubbles. You usually have to bounce a bubble off the wall in to reach these links, but that should not be a problem.

  1. Fill up the special bubble.

To the left of your bubble shooter is a gray empty bubble held by Nero. As you pop regular bubbles, this special bubble will begin to fill up. After it is filled, a special bomb-type bubble will be placed into your shooter. This bubble will detonate one it hits its target, popping all the surrounding bubbles. This special bubble is incredibly useful for clearing out small groups or hitting those weak links as described above. Note that you can actually sacrifice a turn to fill up the bubble a little bit. If your two current bubbles are not going to do you much good at the moment, tapping the special bubble will fill it up a bit at the cost of losing your currently selected regular bubble. Sometimes it worth it, such as when you do not have any possible matches with your current two bubbles.

  1. Focus on a path in the ghost levels.

There will be levels where you will need to lead a ghost through the maze of colorful bubbles. The ghost will always move up to the highest vacant space on the board, and when it does the screen will automatically scroll up wards. Anything that ends up behind the white line near Stella is instantly vaporized. Because of this, the best way to deal with the ghost a level is to just focus on making one small for your little ghost buddy instead of trying to clear the whole board. You will save a lot of moves this way.

  1. Complete the quests.

Once you complete level 20, you will unlock Nero’s daily quests. These quests will reward you with Star Dust that you can use to buy more decorations for your new home. Complete as many as you can to ensure that your house stays fancy and up-to-date. When you complete a quest, that slot will be empty and a new quest will show up in four hours.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga3

Pros and cons used in the game


  • Can be enjoyed by persons of all ages.
  • Quick and easy to pick up.
  • Great time killer.


  • Touchy controls.
  • Some levels very hard to beat without buying from in-game store.
  • Sounds play improperly at times.

The game features distinct enhancements in the realm of graphics and also in terms of gameplay.



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