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the Click Entregas app

Online delivery service is one of the handiest things in today’s busy life. You can order your favourite food or products from your couch and get them delivered almost right away. However, most mobile apps limit what you can order and from where. For example, when you want to order food, you must choose between the options available on the app. Also, most of the delivery services are for ordering specific things, such as products from shop or food from restaurants. What if you need to deliver documents, small packages, and items alike from one place to another? Click Entregas will help you in situations like that.

What is Click Entregas

Click Entregas is an online express delivery platform. It connects customers who want to deliver items quickly to the closest courier available. The way the Click Entregas app works to ensure that customer needs are always met, and there is always a courier available to handle urgent deliveries with great professionalism. The service can be used by the companies as well. Multiple restaurants and online stores are using the Click Entregas app in 11 countries. The app can be used in Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The Click Entregas app has a delivery service for almost everything you might need. Some of the most popular services include urgent delivery of documents, flowers, gifts, online purchases, and merchandise. Couriers of the company are on foot or using public transport, are by motorcycle, car, van, or truck. This allows you to choose the preferred delivery option and deliver everything from one-page document to heavy boxes.

Features of the Click Entregas app

The Click Entregas app is very easy to use for both customers and couriers. It has an easy to use interface and features that help the company provide one of the best customer experiences. It allows you to decide what kind of delivery you want.

Choose the delivery option

If you want to order and deliver food, documents, flowers, and other small packages you can use the fast delivery. The courier will deliver It to you by foot or public transportation. If your delivery is small and urgent at the same time, you can use the motorcycle delivery and get is as quickly as possible. The Click Entregas app has delivery options for bigger packages as well. You can request car delivery for medium boxes, fragile items, vehicle parts etc. Finally, there is a delivery option by vans or tracks that are great for residential or business removals. By offering various delivery options you can reduce the costs and get the best deals!

Track your delivery

When ordering delivery via the Click Entregas app, you can choose if you want to deliver an item right away, or schedule it for later. This way, you will not receive your order at a random time, but when you want to. The app has an order report and the online map where you can see where exactly your delivery is. You will never have to call or ask the order status. Also, you can always turn on notifications and receive real-time updates. The Click Entregas app sends SMS notifications to both, sender and receiver at every delivery step.

These features make Click Entregas one of the most comfortable delivery service providers. You can send a package or get it delivered to you without any Hussle. With the help of the Click Entregas app, you will always know where your delivery is.

How does the Click Entregas app work?

Do you have something to deliver to someone? You can download the Click Entregas app from Google Play or App Store and open an account. You can order delivery from your smartphone. Once you choose the delivery option and place an order the app will connect you to the delivery person. The Click Entregas app has more than 10 000 deliverers and will choose the one that is closest to you so you can receive quick service.

Once your order is confirmed on the platform you will receive SMS with the information about your deliverer. You will be able to track your order through the app, while the courier is supported by the call centre. In case something wrong goes with your delivery, you can always approach the support team and get your issue resolved in no time.

Enjoy first-class delivery service

Click Entregas app ensures that all customers get the high-class service whenever they need to deliver something. You can choose from the several delivery options and reduce the delivery cost and time with it. Moreover, you can order a scheduled delivery and send or receive an item at the most convenient time for you! The click Entregas app makes sure to connect you with the closest deliverer, so you will never have to wait and always deliver needed things right on time. The app is downloaded and enjoyed by thousands of users around the world. Join them and get the first-class delivery service when you need it!



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