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Crusaders of light

Crusaders of light is a persistent world high-fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices and developed by Chinese studio Net Ease. In this game you’ll be able to choose from one in every of 3 classes: Mystic, Warrior, or Ranger, and commence a journey to increases your power. Once you reach level 45, you’ll be able to unlock the advanced character progression system to harness your character’s real potential. The game permits are part of a guild and unify in a very raid of 40 players to fight the first formidable bosses in the land.

Tips and Tricks in The Game

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Mix and Match Your skill

In Crusaders of light, you’ll be able to combine and match your skills to your most popular fighting style and prepare yourself for the fight ahead. Optimize for power output, max your support skills, or create your own personalized skill set. Once you discover your favorite skills, use your runes to extend their power and customize their effects.

Change Paths On the Fly

Each character category in Crusaders of light – Ranger, warrior, and Mystic – has three unique specializations that permit players to decide on the most effective toolkit for the job ahead. If you would like to change back, you can just switch between paths, anytime. Use Talent XP to extend the effectiveness of your paths.

Complete Your Daily Activities to Maximize Your Point Totals

Earn activity points by running dungeons and completing daily activities, and reputation tasks to unlock rewards. Activity points to max out at one hundred per day.

Use Auto-Navigation as Your GPS.

The days of squinting at maps are behind us. Use the auto navigation feature to avoid getting lost in Milura – contemplate it on your in-game GPS.

Dungeons are Your Best way to Score

In Crusaders of light, dungeons are the most effective source for snagging new loot which will help you level-up throughout the game. You’ll get bonus XP and loot for the first twice you run each dungeon, therefore make sure to search out all.

Grinding Won’t Bring Forth the Glory – Finishing Quests and Killing Demons Will

Crusaders of light aim to cut back grinding by letting you focus on finishing quests, getting quest rewards, and killing bad guys. To keep the rewards and points rolling in, focus on dungeons and killing their demon inhabitants. And once you’re prepared, suit up and participate in an epic 40-person raid to earn legendary rewards.

Altruistic Much? Gain Medals &Amp; Rewards for Helping Less-Advanced Players

What’s the fun of leveling up and reaching legendary status if your friends can’t take part in the action? Altruism medals and leadership rewards are often attained by assisting less advanced players in finishing certain tasks.

Join A Guild to Maximize Your Experience &Amp; Move with Others

Joining a guild will allow you to participate in timed events for XP and to gain life-skill and harvesting materials. Crusaders of light can support up to 200-player guilds at launch, therefore sign up today, and as the song goes, get by with a little help from your friends.

Hit Up The Auction House To Sell, Seek And Find

Check out the game’s auction house usually for a chance to snag rare gear, mounts, and other goodies – or sell your items to realize some extra cash.

A Good Reputation Could Be A Sensible Factor

In Milura, it pays to possess a good rep. Complete reputation tasks and donate your extras to earn reputation points with entirely different factions for access to exclusive gear.

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Pros and cons


  • A full MMORPG experience on Mobile
  • Tons of Content for each PVE and PVP
  • AFK system
  • Still good Item Mall
  • Built-in Voice Chat
  • Mount collecting
  • Fully functional Party/Raid Finder
  • Cross-Server (iOS and Android users play together)


  • Poor Gem conversion rates some weird Item Mall prices
  • Activity Restrictions
  • Poor Tutorial/Explanation of mechanics even on the site
  • Some character imbalances
  • No REAL Character Customization
  • Poor Story

Crusaders of light2

Crusaders of light is perhaps a good contender for the best MMORPG out there with some minor tweaks required to make the game a bit friendlier to its users.



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