Defense Zone 2 HD


Gamers have always been fascinated with strategic games with the player in God mode like Dota and Red Alert 2. Defense Zone 2 HD is one such amazing tower defense game which is a dream for any gamer. The game consists of solid tower-defense model in strategically placed towers. It’s like playing a tower defense game on Google map. The game is available on both mobile and PC platforms.


  • The most amazing thing about this game is the realistic graphics that gets better with every map. It doesn’t bring a lot of strategic changes to the original version of the game but adds 13 levels of absorbing gameplay.
  • The game requires pure strategic thinking as there is no super weapons to relieve you from a tricky situation.
  • The player has to use the smart combination of turrets to win a level and advance to the next. However smart weapons like minirockets and rocket launchers have been added as upgrades when you move up the difficulty level to defeat tricky waves.
  • New weapons and new opponent have been added to the original game to make the Defense Zone 2 much addictive to play.

Pros and Cons

The positives of the game include:

  • Super addictive gameplay
  • Ultra Detailed Graphics
  • Gripping music to keep the feel alive
  • Sound effects to go with the visuals

The negatives of the game include:

  • Not a major improvement in gameplay as compared to the first version
  • Lack of Story line in the game



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