Delish Kitchen: Fun and easy free recipe videos

The Delish Kitchen app

Do you like challenging yourself with the new recipes in the kitchen? Or maybe you love to find more about different cuisines and cook exotic meals by yourself? If so, you might want to try cooking with the Delish Kitchen app. It is Japan’s largest cooking video media platform, where you can find recipes for all the delicious Japanese food.

What can you do with Delish Kitchen app 

The Delish Kitchen app is so much more than just recipes. It will quickly become your guide to Japanese cuisine.

Learn how to cook Japanese meals

There are multiple new recipes for you to try. From the must-try traditional and widely-known Japanese dishes, such as Sushi, Sashimi or Soba, to the less known delicious meals, you can find recipes that you and your family will love to try! With the app, you will never have to think about what to prepare next.

You can search for dishes by categories, such as seafood, vegetable, meat dishes and more. Search by the purpose and cook easy breakfast dishes, a meal for lunch, or find healthy food options. In case you want to prepare a meal with a specific ingredient, you can put the name of the food or ingredients in the search bar and easily find what to cook.

The best thing about the Delish Kitchen is that all recipes you will find on the app are original recipes prepared registered cooks, dietitians and food researchers! 

Follow easy video recipes

It is always easy and more fun to follow the video recipes, instead of reading one. You can browse through the available videos on the app and make your cooking experience even more enjoyable! Choose the video of the recipe you’d like to try and follow the easy steps to cook a delicious Japanese meal. 

Get coupons for supermarkets

With the Delish Kitchen app, you can even get coupons and information about the discounts in the supermarkets in your neighbourhood. Buy the ingredients for the meal at the best price and cook it with your family! On the app, you can check the “today’s menu” that comes with the readily made shopping list! You can directly go to the supermarket and utilize the shopping list and use coupons to get the best prices. 

Get new dinner ideas every day

Time after time, we all struggle to think about what to cook next. With Delish Kitchen, you will always have ideas on what to prepare. You can cook delicious Japanese dishes with the help of easy-to-follow video recipes and even get nutritional information for the meal you are cooking! 

Over 5 million users have already installed and enjoyed the Delish Kitchen app! Join them today, download the app from App Store or Google Play and learn how to cook Japanese food in an easy and fun way! 



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