DeutschlandCard App: How to save more money while shopping

deutschlandcard app

Some prefer it online, while others still like the offline experience – but at the end of the day, everyone loves shopping! Discounts and various promotions make it even more enjoyable. Are you that one friend who always knows where to find the best deals? Do you like to save money while buying the best products available on the market? Are your friends calling you the shopping guru? If so, you should know about the DeutschlandCard app.

What is the DeutschlandCard app? 

DeutschlandCard is the ultimate application for shopping, saving money and getting points when making purchases. The application works for both – online and offline shopping. It can be used for everything – from daily grocery shopping to booking a stay for vacation online. With DeutschlandCard app you can get coupons, collect points from your beloved offline stores and websites and redeem them in various ways. DeutschlandCard is currently used by more than 20 million users in 400 offline and online shops. If you want to join them and enjoy saving money and getting points effortlessly – find out more about the app in this DeutschlandCard review. 

How it works

Using the DeutschlandCard app is easy as well, you can download it from Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you register you will automatically become a participant of the DeutschlandCard bonus program. You can use it to collect points at partner shops both online and offline, receive e-coupons and redeem your collected points to receive awards. The app works with DeutschlandCard, however, you do not need an actual card for registering. You can order one and receive it at a partner shop near your location. 

Collect points with DeutschlandCard when shopping offline and online

You can use the DeutschlandCard app to collect points in partner shops. The list includes one of the biggest and most popular online and offline stores. You can collect points when shopping in Edeka, Esso, Net, Hammer, Staples, Market Purchase and many more. If you want to shop offline and get points but are not sure which locations have a partnership with The DeutschlandCard app you can use the map and find partner companies in your area. You can even use Integrated routing function to find the way to the closest partner stores.

When shopping offline you need to show your card only while paying and automatically get points that will be reflected on your profile. 

For online shopping you will get points while shopping on eBay, Otto,, BonPix, Groupon or even when booking a stay at The list goes on and on. You can check out every partner on the DeutschlandCard app. The number and variety of partner shops make collecting points a lot easier and faster! 

How to use collected points 

The DeutschlandCard app allows you to see how many points you get when making a purchase. You can always check how many points you have already collected and what is your score in your profile. You can easily access and manage your data with the DeutschlandCard. 

Once you have points collected you can redeem them and receive rewards. As a DeutschlandCard App user, you can choose from a selection of over 200 rewards and receive yours conveniently on the go. You will not have to worry about losing your points due to expiration as the DeutschlandCard app will send you a notification.

How to use e-coupons

One of the main reasons users love using the DeutschlandCard App is, of course, coupons. When using DeutschlandCard while making purchases in the premium partners’ branches or online shops you will receive e-coupons. You can use them for your future purchases! Your e-coupons can be found in the coupon centre of the app.

They are updated as frequently as you visit the app. Meaning that every time you log in you might see new coupons to use. Once you visit the coupon centre you can see all of the available e-coupons and choose the one you want to use next. Moreover, e-coupons are marked according to their expiration date so that you won’t miss a great offer! Remember, they must be activated in the DeutschlandCard app before you use them.

What else can you get with the DeutschlandCard App? 

Not only does it help you save money and is convenient to use, but the DeutschlandCard App is fun too! As a user, you will have access to the most exclusive promotions and competitions that you will not be able to receive elsewhere. You can participate in them and receive even more points! And do not forget to challenge quiz fox and test your knowledge while you are standing in a queue. 

Start saving money with DeutschlandCard App today 

You can make shopping more enjoyable and fun with the DeutschlandCard app. Download it today, start saving money and never miss a good deal from the biggest partner shops and e-commerce websites, it’s free!



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