Double Down Casino and Slot


Double Down Casino is the only online social casino that offers players the real casino games from the casino floor for free. When you log in into Double Down Casino, a will of fortune will spin, by adding value that lands on your daily casino allowance. You will be given several thousand virtual dollars to play every day, ensuring a good amount of playing time each visit to the casino.

When you enter the lobby of the casino, you will find four main game options to choose from: blackjack, slots, video poker and roulette.

Blackjack is pretty straightforward. There are currently four table types to choose from, each varying in entry cost and rewards. Players can select from a list of tables already established or opt to join whatever table the game matches you with quickly. You sit down, buy your chips, and the dealer hits you on the next hand.

Slots spruce things up a tad, and there are ample slot machines to choose from. You’re given a range of betting options, and though you can win big here, you can also walk away from a single machine having lost all your dough for the day. Most players will likely find themselves playing until they hit a bonus round, which is usually when you have big winnings. There is a mini-game at the end point of most bonus rounds that allows you to try for additional hidden bonuses.

Next is video poker. There is no video to speak of and interaction between Facebook.The game selections is decent, and the gameplay itself is clean and quick. Whereas other virtual poker games might require you to wait on other players to contemplate their hand, video poker allows you play at your pace.

Double Down Casino‘s final offers roulette, which is the least compelling game in the casino. The wait times are tedious, and the gameplay is hardly interactive. Players, who know how to work a roulette table, may find a niche of fun gambling here.

Here are a few easy tips on increasing your odds in winning the Double Down Casino Slot game by IGT!

The First tip is to register your Facebook account for full sets of features. These features include receiving an amount of $1000 in chips every day just for having friends in the casino. It is the easiest way to get free money in the Double Down Casino. The more friend you invite, the bigger free payment you have.

Second, do not forget to log in each day. Every day you log in your daily bonus will automatically increase by free $1000. Do not pass it up. If you forget to log in, your bonus goes back down. You will get the chance to spin the wheel once a day, and this can result in serious free casino money.

Earn free money by entering a Double Down Casino promo code. From the “buy chips” menu tap “extra”, and you will get a popup with a field to enter a promo code. Enter the promo code: JZXMJX for free $25K.


How to Hack Double down casino game with  Hack tool

To use double Casino Hack Tools, All you have to do is just to log in and click start Hack tool.The double down casino chips tool User-interfere is made by the professional designer and it is easy to use.The double Casino Hack Tool is 100% working, and it will give you free unlimited chips.You can utilise the chips generated by Double Casino Hack tool. This hack tool is easy to use, and you can easily add chips in your account with just a few clicks of button


  • Pros: Free play casino
  • Cons: Wins not cashable

If you are simply looking for gambling in short spurts without having to leave the Facebook community, Double Down game is the best.




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