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Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG

Want to find out what happens when shooting meets RPG? Ahaa! So “Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG” is for you. Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG is developed by PATI Games Corp. and has been released in Android and iOS versions with 5 million and 2 million downloads likewise. It’s a great gaming experience especially for those players who are in both shooting and RGP.

There are plenty of shooting and RPG games titled in Android that we don’t have idea about them yet but “Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG” is the best combination of Shooting and RPG indulged in same platform. It’s an epic adventurous game you probably don’t want to miss.

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG will through to a collecting way you have to advance in your level to unlock more heroes with their unique powers and strength, grade them to the ultimate form and make a team.


Gameplay: Action, Shooting enemies with your powerful weapons.
Heroes: Unlock new heroes and grade them to ultimate form.
Team: Play and Team-up with your friends to build a strongest team.
Modes: Various modes are available from Scenario to Boss raid to Infinite dungeon among other.
Mission: Fight your enemies to make a way to the top of Arena.

So why waiting for this epic adventures shooting game? Download this Game.



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