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Dragon Soul


Dragon Soul is a free-to-play brand new fantasy MMORPG which focuses on PvP battles. Eight kingdoms are in the middle of a gory war: in PvP battles, the strongest players will have to prove their might together with their entire kingdom. Fight for domination can only be won by bloodshed or cunning royal intrigues.

The game offers classical MMORPG gameplay with five different classes, more than 800 quests and 160 unique skills. A wide variety of different Pets can be raised to fight side by side with the player.


Tips And Strategies For Playing The Game

  1. Use the special powers wisely
    The only thing that you need to control directly in the game is the point when you use the heroes’ superpowers in battle, and it matters a lot. Usually, it is best to go with all of them ready to be used in the final stage of a battle, because that is the most difficult one to beat. In other words, do not use your special skills late in the second stage but use any skills that you have completely powered-up in the early moments of the stage to get the more advantages, and you will likely have them all recharged and ready to be fired up in the final.
  2. Level up your heroes
    Your heroes in the game will automatically gain experience when completing a stage in the game, but you can also boost them up a bit by spending your XP potions on them. Try to always keep at least 5-6 of them on you till you unlock new heroes.
  3. Focus on promoting your heroes
    When you battle, you get various equipment items during the fight, and you can use those items to equip your heroes. Promoted heroes gain an extra boost in stats, and they can equip new items. Focus on promoting your heroes one at a time, starting with your top ones.
  4. Do not forget about the freebies
    You get a free Silver Chest every 10 minutes, a Gold Chest every 48 hours and so on. There are a ton of freebies scattered around in Dragon Soul, so make sure that you get them all to speed up your progress.
  5. Do the daily quests/missions
    Every day, you will get new missions and quests to complete, and they will surely include more freebies too; so make sure that you do them all on a daily basis to max out your progress.
  6. Replay specific missions to get the required items
    All items that you want in the game can be obtained by completing specific missions.You are not guaranteed to get that particular loot, but if you complete the mission over and over again, you will certainly get a lot. So tap any item that you want to get and see where you can find it and then simply replay the mission
  7. Do not forget about the Versus mode
    You should play against other players in the Pit to get even more and greater rewards. Be active enough and always select the easiest opponents to beat, based on their power and try to stay as much as possible up there at the top for some great rewards.
  8. Evolve Your Heroes as soon as you have the chance
    Evolving heroes in Dragon Soul is not an easy task, but try to do it as soon as possible, even if that includes spending some money on it. Evolved heroes are prone to get great bonuses and are worth the trouble. You need Souls tones to evolve heroes, and you can find them in Silver or Gold chests or by completing some specific missions on Elite level.

Pros and cons in the game


  • Each team may have up to 5 heroes at a time
  • Heroes have categories; Tank, Damage, Support, and Control
  • Enchant gear for even more power to your heroes
  • Easily upgrade hero skills with gold
  • Swap heroes at will to create the very best team


  • The best heroes are often only obtainable through purchasing
  • Most functions require you to pay a certain amount of game credits to give more of what you need (Ex. Energy, skill points, )
  • Weaker heroes are often left in the dust when new, better heroes get released
  • Many bugs popping up regularly from heroes and the fighting layout, often needs attention – game is still finding a beat

The game is worth playing if you enjoy turn-based fighting games with the ability to create and strengthen your team.

For those considering purchasing in-game credits but want to keep it easy on their wallets/accounts, I suggest you purchase the monthly VIP special. You get over 100 credits in-game every day you log in for 31 days.



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