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Drakensang Online is a free-to-play 3D online browser action RPG game with extraordinary 3D graphics and effects. With the ability to customize your character, skills and magic powers like never before, join your comrades to wage a brutal war against evil.

The visually stunning game world, featuring picturesque medieval towns, murky swamp, green forests and dark caves, was developed by big point using their in-house “Nebula3” engine, impressing players with a level of 3D graphics and effects that have not been seen in browser games before. To add to its two selectable character classes, The game Online has impressed fans with a variety of different character skills, exciting and challenging quests, an impressive armory of weapons and magic, and over 100 hours of gaming content.


Tips And Trick For Playing The Game

  1. Lock picking and pick pocketing.

Do not worry about people nearby when you try to pick a lock on a door or a closed chest. It seems that the good folk of Aventuria do not mind that. There is, of course, an exception to that rule  pick pocketing. If you fail a pickpocket attempt your target will become cautious and you will not be able to try again.

When trying to pick a lock use lock picks or hair pins – they will greatly improve your chances of success.

  1. Looting

Be sure to destroy barrels set throughout the game world. It is a good way of earning some money early on, and sometimes the drops from the barrels can prove to be very useful.

Search the bodies after each fight. Monsters and Animals provide some ingredients, while humans and other humanoid beings usually carry gold, weapons and other useful items.

  1. Talking

Try to talk to every character you will encounter. Some of them offer you quests; some are vendors, while the rest can just tell you something interesting or funny.

Social skills come in handy during dialogs. The one you have to use mostly is Fast Talk. Etiquette comes in handy on some occasions, while Seduce is most useful for female characters – men will not use it too often. Human Nature seems to be the least useful, but it can provide some handy information like the attitude of the NPC, find out whether he’s lying or not or just learn about his mood. The last  but not least of the social skills is Haggle – you will use it almost as often as Fast Talk and it will allow you to pay a lower bribe, buy or sell for special items for a better price.

  1. Fighting

The difficulty of the fights can vary greatly throughout the game – sometimes you are in for a rather unchallenging fight with a bunch of rats, other a tough boss fight awaits you. To get on top of each of those fights you need to come prepared:

  • Make sure your characters are health is full and have no wounds.
  • Drink potions and use unguents during the challenging fights.
  • Use active pause as often as you can; take a closer look at the situation and act accordingly.
  • Make use of special abilities but be sure not to waste them – mighty blow that deals 30 damage is a bit of overkill against an enemy left on 5.
  • Support your characters with magic. Pay attention to their health and heal those, who are severely wounded. Tough enemies can be weakened with magic, while fireball is great at dealing with larger group’s foes.
  • Bear in mind that you can save the game mid-combat.
  • The best strategy is to single out opponents rather than fighting the whole group at once.
  1. Party

You can have up to three companions in your party at any given time, while the rest await you in your residence. Try to fit your party to the area you are going to explore. Moving about the city will make most use out of characters with developed social skills and someone with rogue skills if you want to pickpocket and open closed containers. In areas where you expect some heavy fighting, your party should consist of fighters supported by a spell casting character. When you need to get components off animals or plants you will need character with high Animal and Plant Lore. It is crucial that you always bring along a character capable of healing and removing poison.

  1. Magic

Mage cannot cast spells while wearing a heavy armor, so you will need to find some lighter protection or just regular robes that will not impede his movement.

Each mage should have Clarum Purum and Balm of Healing at his disposal.

  1. Workshops

In almost every location throughout the game you’ll find encounter with three kinds of workshops. They are an anvil, a lab and a workbench. Each of those workshops can be used to create certain items

  • Characters with the Alchemy skill can brew potions.
  • Characters with Blacksmith can use the anvil to create weapons and armor.

The Workbench allows characters with Bowyer to create items connected with ranged combat.


Pros and Cons

-It is a free to play game
-It is fun to play for the 1st time for about 6 months to a year
-Can be played solo, in group or with guild mates
-It has an main event in every 30 or 45 days
-It is more of Arcade hack n’ slash, instead of an RPG

-It has extreme pay-to-win game
-Unfair PvP fights (it is always f2p vs p2p class)
-Drop of unique items in PvE is very/extremely low
-Much grinding to obtain weak
-Outdated graphics (have never been improved since day-one and 4 years has gone by)
-Repetition of main events, they have not made a new one in 3 years.


Gamers will have to fight as one if they want to survive Drakensang Online’s treacherous dungeons.



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