Fifa 19

Fifa 19 is an online virtual football game that is based on real international football players from all around the world. It was released this year in September. Like every year, this year it also comes with new features that players can finally get their hands on. We have brought a guide filled with tips and tricks that one may use for playing FIFA 19 and become a professional top player in the world of virtual football games.

1. Sprinting:


Many players think that if they use the sprinting button, they would be able to get the ball quickly and lead it towards the goal, which is wrong. Players tend to get tired instantly, which results in losing control over the ball and the opponent taking it away from them.

Sprinting should only be used in matches where there is instantly attacking between the players to snatch away the ball.

2. Knowing Your Team Members:


It is very important to know which players are in your team for better planning on tactics. One should always check what strengths and weaknesses a player holds and what side do they play i.e. defending, attacking or shooting. Another thing to keep in mind is whether the players are good at using snatching or attacking techniques while tackling the football or whether they are able to distract the opponent player with fake passes or pressurizing them if they have the ball.

3. Time Finishing Mechanic:


This is a new feature that has been added to this year’s Fifa game. Players can now use more accurately timed power shots and will likely have higher chances of making a goal at every attempt. This might be challenging for beginners, so they should aim to take their time while aiming to make a goal.

4. Closed Control:

Closed control, as the title says, is all about keeping the ball as close to your feet as possible. This increases the chances of a better pass to the other player in your team. Also helps when the goal box is surrounded by many players to have a great grip over the ball which may keep the opponent player away. The L1 button on PS4 and LB button on Xbox One’s gaming console is used for this technique.

5. Scoring Goals:

In Fifa 19, the goalkeepers are very strong players, so going for distant or angled shots would still be a great challenge. Keep one thing in mind that while aiming to shot for a goal, it would be better to take the ball slowly towards the goal box and take your time to shoot at the right moment.

6. Choosing The Career Mode:

While most players, especially those who are beginners, think that playing an easier career mode would take them ahead at higher levels and increase their achievements, it won’t. Instead, players should opt for a difficulty mode that would be challenging for them to play. This will increase the players playing ability and skills and would also keep them interested in playing the game for longer rather than finishing it quickly.

7. Remain On The Goal Side:


During the match, what most players do is that they make their players run after the ball throughout the stadium to bring it near the goal box. Another thing is, they keep a player near the goal box which they are defending and mark the opponent player which likely results in a goal being scored by the opposite team. This not only wears out the players but is generally a basic mistake that most players make in the game.

What should be done instead is to fix a player on the goal side, so that it pressurizes and the opponent not to score and defend the cross passes to the goal-box or from opponent to their team members.

With all these simple techniques in mind, the players can become a pro at playing FIFA 19. Make sure to explore all new options that have been included in this year’s game.




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