Fight League

Fight League is a tag battle board game, where tag partners make use of five unique brands and fuse their tactics and reach the top. The rules are to place Fighters on the Field and defeat the Enemy Leader to win. The game also supports 2v2 battles where you can party up with a friend to beat the opponent pair. You can even connect with players from other countries in real time.

Tips And Tricks In The Game

  1. Battle

Enter The Arena

In Fight League, everything happens in the arena. Place your fighters in one of ten spaces and let the battle begin. Tap the “Battle” button in the bottom center of the Home screen to select a battle mode.

League Play

This is the player-versus-player (PvP) battle mode. Winning in this mode earns you Rank Points. You can raise your League Rank by earning enough Rank Points. Once you reach a high enough League Rank, you’ll start to lose Rank Points for each battle you lose. Your League Rank will also go down if you lose too many Rank Points. The higher your rank at the end of the period, the better the rewards you’ll receive. Each Fighter attacks in the direction of their Arts, indicated by the arrows around them.

  1. Tags

Tag and Get 2x Prizes: Winning with a Tag Partner will yield twice the prizes. Play together and rake in the loot!

Tag Up to Share Fighters: When in a Tag Team, you’ll be able to use Fighters from your Partner’s list. Mix and match to create the best team.

 Tag to Save Energy: Tag to play Fight League Energy-free. It’s more fun, and you can keep your Energy.

 Tag and Switch Bursts: Tag to add another Fight Burst to your arsenal. Then you’ll be able to use the Fight Burst of either Leader.

 First Partner Tag Prizes: Get Fight Money the first time you form a Tag with a Partner. Invite your buddies and get rich together.

Tag Teams Last a Lifetime: If you have formed a Tag even once, you’ll be able to form that Tag again anytime, anywhere. Just check your Partner List!

Fight League1

How To Tap Tag Up

Tap “form a tag” on the upper right of the home screen

Tap “Form new Tag.”

Tap “Display QR Code”. Have your prospective Tag partner tap “ scan QR Code.”

show your displayed QR code to your partner and have them scan the code with their camera

Tap “let’s Tag” to begin writing your fight league Legend


To use a Fighter in battle, just add them to your team!

Each Fighter has a class, and there are restrictions on what Fighters you can use based on their class.

Fighters are also divided into two categories, close range and long range, depending on their Fight Arts.

[Short Range Fighters] Fight Arts for these fighters can reach one space in the directions shown.

[Long Range Fighters] Fight Arts for these fighters can reach all areas in the directions indicated.

Unleash powerful fight burst

Fight Bursts are special attacks that Leaders get sometime after their HP falls below 2,000.

Fight Bursts can only be used once per battle, so timing is everything.

When playing in a Tag Battle, you have to get the OK from your Partner to use your Fight Burst.

Fight League



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