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Final Clash

Final Clash is a free-to-play fantasy RPG online game that features strategic, fast-paced combat and stunning 3D graphics. As the first collection-based RPG with multi-character skill combos, the groundbreaking play possibilities are limitless. With a massive range of heroes at their disposal, players can build the ultimate team for any battle. All heroes learn new skills as they are upgraded.

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 Tips and tricks for playing the game

  1. If You are Cannot Beat a Dungeon or Opponent, Try To Your Formation

Different formations may have different merit. Try to observe the enemies’ formation and adjust yours accordingly. You may find the dungeon or opponent you cannot beat easy to defeat.

  1. Remember That You Can Collect Free Energy Twice Per Day

You may collect 50 Energy from Super Supper twice each day; once from 12:00-14:00 and once from 20:00-22:00. Players who are a part of a guild will also receive a bonus 10 Energy, total of a maximum of 60 Energy.

  1. Make Sure Not to Miss Out on Discounted Items in the Mystery Shop

The Mystery Shop will have eight new items on display each time it is refreshed. Some items may even be on sale at a 30% discount. You can also use Secret Scrolls to refresh the Mystery Shop manually.

  1. Beasts and Their Auras Will Greatly Improve the Stats of Your Heroes

Different beasts have different auras. When placed on your squad, the beast can improve the stats of heroes under its auras.

  1. Some Heroes Will Gain Rage More Quickly Than Others

Rage totals differ from each other depending on the hero. Thus the rage they gain from each round is different. Players can check rage totals in the hero stats panel.

  1. Get Yourself Some Awesome Outfits by Exchanging Outfit Fragments

Outfits not only give players a legendary look, but they also improve and boost your main character’s stats.

  1. Find Incredible Treasure in the Borderlands, Including Beasts, Beast Crystals, etc.

During your adventures, you may collect Treasure Maps. You can dig up treasure with them. Rewards include Beast Skill Scrolls, Beast Eggs, and various other items. You will also have chances to stumble across a monster or discover an entry to the Borderlands. 

  1. Remember to Use Stars When Challenge the Catacombs

Each time you challenge a floor successfully, you will be rewarded with a certain number of stars based on the difficulty they selected. These stars can then be used to raise your squad’s stats.

  1. Do not Forget to Make Your Wish with the Magic Lamp

You can consume a Magic Lamp to make a wish for the items you want on the list. You might even be lucky enough to receive a 3x item bonus. You may wish up to 10 times daily. You can then collect the items the following day.

  1. When You Earn Enough Dungeon Stars, Do not Forget to Open and Upgrade the Mines

When you clear a dungeon, your performance will be ranked in between 1-3 Dungeon Stars. Dungeon Stars may also be used to upgrade and unlock dungeon mine production. The level of amine determines its productive quantity.

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