Galaxy – Chat & Play

Galaxy – Chat & Play is developed by Mob studio, the app offers anything you could ever want from a social network it allows people to chat, play games, share photos and send virtual pets and gifts. Galaxy is the ultimate social network because it has many features to offer. Though you can invite friends to join Galaxy, many people find their friends virtually in chat rooms and game rooms and through contests and blogs. When you join, you’re given an avatar you can customize everything from its clothing to its head. Once you’re all ready to go, you can freely explore Galaxy.

Here Are Some Key Features in Galaxy App

Customize Your Character

Choose from a wide variety of colorful characters, fancy clothing items, and alluring costumes. Change your aura and teleport to look even cooler!


Explore hundreds of chat rooms or create your very own chat room, decorate and make it attractive. Send private messages, post to your blog and microblog. Galaxy is just so good for socializing!

Share Photos

Upload your photos and share them with your friends. Be creative and enter Photo Battles and regular photo competitions.

Online Games

Play intellectual games like Quiz and Anagrams, well-known Tic-Tac-Toe and Battleship, and our very own Four Elements Fight and Civilization!


Become the best player, make your character the most powerful or be a top model. Choose your rank!

Virtual Pets & Gifts

Get a cute pet, care for it, watch it grow and give birth. Make stunning gifts to your Galaxy friends and family


Ad Free

You will not be annoyed with ad banners because nothing will distract you from having fun.

With so many people to interact with and so many things to do, it is so difficult believing that this app will bore you.

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also keep a pet, join a club, check your horoscope, engage in photo battles and even get married.

Because there are so many features, the amount you spend on the app is contingent upon the amount of time you put into it. So for example, if you make an effort to befriend people after chatting with them or interacting with them in the games section, then you are more likely to enjoy the app and get into it.

Galaxy is a cool app. It is just like a Swiss army knife though its primary function is for social networking, there are many other features that it comes with. It’s a cool concept, especially the whole “galaxy” theme where players can even teleport from different chat rooms and game rooms.

Though to move up or buy in-app gifts, you’ll have to spend some real-life money, Galaxy is an ultimate social networking that worth trying.



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