Imperia Online

Imperia Online is 2D browser game and city-building strategy game. It was developed and published by Imperia Ltd. The game was officially released on August 23, 2005, and is available on the PC as well as for iOS and Android.

Imperia Online is set in the Medieval Era where players take on the role of a Lord of an undeveloped province. The province can be developed through constructing and upgrading of various economic and military buildings and also universities that are used for researching key technologies. Players can recruit and train military troops to attack other provinces to plunder their resources and to defend their provinces from attacks.

Tips and tricks for playing the game

1. Protect your provinces with fortresses and put archers in them.

They are a great defense at the start. Later in the game, you will also need a field army and other troops in your fortresses. Your garnison needs no upkeep so that you can store your troops very cheap.

Do not garnison all your fortresses in wars, if you are not 100% sure, that the garnison can protect this province. If you lose battles, the enemy will get much more points and after the war a war income.

You need one walled mountain province later in the game. This will be your only province; you have a real chance to protect it.

If it’s secure, this province should also have a good income, because you won’t lose it overnight. Don’t colonize this province too late or you’ll have only a few workers there, and affectivity will be too low.

2. Watch all other players

They are possible targets for you. Make some rumors to look at their economic and financial possibilities. Rumors cost only two gold and this is a good investment.

If you are an aggressive player, don’t make all others really angry. They are maybe weaker than you but don’t forget “we aren’t strong, but we are many” If there is no good reason, don’t crush single players totally. Maybe you think, they are no danger, but if they are madly angry, they maybe decide to make some kamikaze attacks and this will slow your eco down. There is a chance that you won’t be strong enough in phase 4.

3. Search an alliance, where players are playing a comparable strategy like you.

Aggressive players need attacks and wars to be good later and pay their troops; economic players hate wars because they slow down their eco.

Below 15.000 points, your depots will store resources and not unload them automatically. Use this. Each time you go offline, you should hide your resources in your depots, so build them every time so that you can store all. If you can’t, store expensive resources first and let wood in the province. Make province pairs. This means that two provinces have same depot level, so you can send amount “X” from “A” to “B” and at the same time from “B” to “A” and when you come back, you send it in other direction.

4. Plan your investments.

At start time seems to be no problem in this game, but later building durations will go up extremely and don’t forget that you can research only a single technology at once. If possible, technologies/buildings should be finished at a time, where you think you’ll be online. At the start, this is mostly unimportant, but later it isn’t.

Don’t be rich, if you don’t save for something. You will be a target, and your resources are useless .so use them

Imperia Online2

Pros And Cons


Customize the layout of your city.

Mobile and Browser are compatible.

It Supports multiple languages and regions.

Pay to win elements.

Repetitive gameplay.

Slow paced progression.

It Lacks animations and sounds.

Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a good city-building game. However, the lack of animations and sounds might make other players think twice about trying it out with the multitude of better alternatives out there in the market. However, the sounds might not be such a big deal since most players tend to turn them off anyway. Overall, the game still worth trying out.



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