Island Experiment

Island Experiment is a good Facebook simulation game that puts you into a survival setting aimed to deliver a great scientific experiment with the sole task of surviving an island, reproducing means to generate a sustainable way of living. Starting out over the shores of the virgin land, facilitate the growth of your dwellings, build farms, and other vital facilities to assist you to grow within the foreign land.

Starting out on the game will introduce you with several means to last the difficult and primitive way of survival in the raw land. Firstly, you’ll be guided on how to forage for food over the initial supplies dropped by the plane that brought you there also. Upon successfully earning the tools required to form specific facilities, you’ll be tasked with several build quests to get you familiarized with the basic gist of the game. A shop like screen hands out the choice to build specific facilities as you get to unlock technological pre-requisites from reaching target levels, or earning specific tools to do so. 

Tips and Tricks for playing the game

Island Experiment 1

Follow the missions

One of the foremost important things to do so as {to make| to form| to create} sure that you progress swimmingly through the game is to follow the quests that are given to you and complete them one at a time: they take you through the game’s story and make things all the more interesting.

Focus on food production

Make sure that you upgrade your plots to the maximum level and that you get as much food produced as possible since you’ll need plenty of it throughout the game. Don’t wait for the game to inform you to upgrade the plots and do therefore as soon as possible, producing as much food as possible.

How to get keys in Island Experiment

Probably one of the most tough resources to get is that the key in the game. You’ll get additional keys by finishing the tasks and simply finishing missions: they’re restricted and offered scarcely, however, if you’re active enough and keep playing, and complete missions, you’ll get your keys.

Clear all the debris in the game

It might appear that you just get plenty of useless resources from cleaning up all the grass and other things that the game keeps spawning, but you’ll really need them eventually, therefore make sure that you always clean up as much debris as possible. And if you actually have too much of a particular thing, you’ll always sell some from your warehouse for a few nice coins in return.

Upgrade your buildings

Focus on upgrading your passive resource producing buildings first (like houses) because you will get more resources from upgrading them. Eventually, you’ll want all buildings upgraded as much as possible, so make sure you check out the requirements and have the materials needed for those upgrades.

Move plants blocking the way

Some things in the game might seem to stay there forever and block your way. Simply click the green arrow that allows you to move the buildings, and you’ll see which other objects like plants and berries you’ll move – this is also a decent strategy to pile them up in a certain spot and harvest them later, just making room for exploration.

Island Experiment 2

Island Experiment ought to simply get your hands full of a lot of attractive activities to render and simply enjoy playing.



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