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Legacy of Discord

The Legacy of Discord is a free mobile MMORPG where players take part in large PvP battles. Begin your journey as simple Berserker, sorceress or Bladedancer and climb the ladder to become an irresistible force.

Once you are in the game, they will give a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game and a good introduction to the rich and colourful history of the game.



Here are some guides and cheats to Legend of discord

1. Automatic grinding and farming cheats: In most RPGs, grinding and farming is your way to be strong, but too many players do not have it because it requires patience. The Legacy of Discord has auto battle features that allow the computer play in auto. But that is not enough, as we discovered how we could cheat to have 100% auto grinding and farming.

What I mean is that you can leave your game 24/7 and get progress from it. You must first download a program that will serve as a bot to get started. This application can record your actions and play it in an auto endless loop. And for those who play with the emulator is common for grinding requires long battery life and this best meet the emulator, you can play with Nox emulator.

This emulator has built in feature which is the same as Repetitious, so there is no need to download additional applications at all. In the first round, you are creating the pattern that you are going to use for auto. Therefore, any action that you do, including the repetition level and confirmed victory will be here. Just be sure to turn on the auto battle before recording.

2.Do not forget to claim your free chest whenever possible: This is your shortcut way to get the highest level, especially if you spend currency on it. The trick here is to make sure that you are claiming your free tie whenever the cool down is ready. Or you can save all your currency and draw the X10 purchase which will give you a guarantee of higher ties gear and items.

3.Check your emails for prizes: Rewards you get from events and other features of the game will not go directly into your inventory but into your mail. It is best to check your inbox from time to time to see the rewards you can claim. It is not necessary to claim it one by one because there is a button for easy selection requirements.

4.Check the event: It will give you a good deal if you can participate in a timed event. In this case, you can get gold to double income treasure box, and it is 2x vault.


Large  PvP battles.

Three classes with unique abilities.

Improvement of several weapons systems.


No release date has been announced by the US.

Pay to win.

Poor voice owner.


Unlike most MMORPGs, Legacy of discord controls is very smooth and intuitive. Virtual joystick ensures movement in the game feels very fluid and interfaces, and particularly skills bar are well-designed. Speaking of skills, each Guardian in this game will be up to 4 different skills, of which one end is an extremely powerful skill that can only be used after it is charged.

In short, legacy of discord not only has amazing graphics and sound; It has some of the most gentle, intuitive and engaging gameplay that will surely keep coming back for more



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