Legends of Dawn

Legends of Dawn

Legends of Dawn is a single-player open world role-playing video game developed by Dreamatrix Game Studios. The player is free to explore and progress at his or her pace. The game presents you with three kinds of characters namely human, elf and danian.  As you start the game, it starts off normal. On the bottom is your action bar, on the top right, is your mana and health bar, on the top left, is the mini map and a bunch of buttons that will take you to the different screen like the skill bar or your inventory.

However, after few minutes you start the game, it already gives you a hint on what to do and where to go. In summary, you have to figure out the game all by yourself.

Legends of Dawn2

Tips And Trick In The Game

  1. Bandage and Scroll of Faith are very important survival items in the game.
  2. Bandage and Scroll of Faith can be used several at once for a better effect.
  3. Fires regain health and all types of wells
  4. Runes that are collected throughout the game are subdivided into five categories:
  • Green is meant to open chests with a green emblem.
  • Red is meant to open chests with a yellow sword against a red background on the emblem.
  • Grey is meant to open the chest with a blue emblem.
  • Purple (with the image of an item) is meant to fix magic bridges.
  • Colored is meant to craft spells.
  1. Chests are opened by combining shining runes with your own.
  2. Fighting more than two monsters at once is very fatal.
  3. When you die, you can regenerate in the “Spawn Point.”To assign to a Spawn Point, click the right mouse button on it.
  4. Traps can’t be disarmed.
  5.  Chests glowing in gold hold better items.
  6.  The Dawn Artifacts are hidden exclusively in stone chests with a gold emblem.
  7.  When you are close to an artifact, the eyes on both sides of your shortcut bar start to glow.
  8. Only some items can be grouped.
  9.  All collectible items that should be given to NPCs can be found in chests.
  10.  The quests Secret Language, Ancient Secretand Golden Talisman, are bugged in the current version of the game.

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Here Are Tips On Character Creation

Before you begin the game, you need to create a character. Click on the “New Game” icon to display the character selection window.

After you select “Create Character,” a window with race and gender selection will appear. There are three races to choose from, though originally there should have been five.

You can choose between:




Select the chosen race and gender, and then click “Next” to open a score selection window. Initially, all scores are set to “10”. You have “15” points to distribute.

The score attributes are:

Strength – determines the number of damage dealt by your physical attacks. The more  you invest, the stronger the character will attack. It also raises the load capacity of your inventory.

Dexterity – determines the accuracy of attack. The more points you invest, the more accurate your character will be.

Vitality is responsible for the character’s health. The more points you invest, the longer your character will be able to survive.

Charisma – Determines the shop prices. The more points you invest, the less you are going to need to pay for items.

Intelligence – Determines Faith. The more points you invest, the more Faith points your character will have.

After assigning attribute points and clicking “Next,” you will be asked to choose a hair and head. You can also change their color.

Click “Next” again, and another window will appear, you will have to choose character’s name and the game’s difficulty level. You can freely determine different aspects of the difficulty level by selecting the “Custom” option. Click on “Next”, and you can choose your character from the list.



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