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Line Rangers

Line Rangers are the latest game released by LINE.LINE is a communication and messaging app. In LINE Rangers, players play through more than 80 stages of tower defense, collecting adorable Ranger characters of varying skills. The ultimate goal is to rescue cute LINE character Sally from the clutches of her evil alien abductors.

  1. Add your friends to gain points

When you log in, you have the option to play as a guest or sign into your LINE account. Signing into your LINE account will allow you to add your friends to earn Friendship Points which can be probably used to buy new Rangers or summon your friend’s team to help during a battle. You can add other players also through the LINE Rangers page on the LINE social network.

  1. Collect rangers & level up

You can collect two new Rangers in two ways. At the end of each level, you will be given a roulette chance where you can win coins, bonuses or a new ranger. Alternatively, you can play the Gacha machine which has several tiers to get different level rangers. You can also buy Rubies through in-game purchases.

When you Combine rangers, ranger stats will increase. To get best results, combine the base ranger with the same type of ranger E.g.” Cony” with “Cony.” You can also upgrade your tower and units at each level, and increase mineral production/level to deploy more rangers at a faster rate during battle.  

  1. Build a strategic team

A balanced team will make battles easier. Every ranger’s profile will show which of the five categories they belong to:

Health: High HP

Splash: Quick movement & attack

Balance: Obtains the “average” of the other teammates’ total stats

Speed: Attacks multiple enemies simultaneously

Attack: High damage

Each level also has different enemies. Learning their stats can help you put together a better team of rangers to defeat them in battle. 

  1. Pick your Friends, sidekicks & power-ups wisely

Before each battle, you are given the option to summon Friends or sidekicks, and buy power-ups. Friends can only be summoned once in every 12 hours, while sidekicks and power-ups require coins.

In the initial stages, it is better to use less sidekick or power-ups and summon lower-level Friends so that you can get a better feel of the game and develop your strategy without relying too much on them.

You can better spend your coins on power-ups and upgrades as you level up where battles become increasingly difficult.

Use these tips to develop your battle style and rescue Sally.

LINE Rangers neatly leverages the charming appeal of LINE Friends, putting them as playable characters in a tower defense game.

Although it requires online connectivity and this is an obstacle to those who may need to go offline, this does not detract from the attractive qualities of the game. The variety of LINE Friends that can be recruited into your team is staggering, and the game is very easy to pick up and learn.



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