Migros: Save money and time while shopping

The Migros app

Shopping is a part of daily life for many of us. It is an easy task but can get inconvenient because of all the shopping lists, vouchers and coupons you keep in your wallet, and of course, lines at the cashier’s desk. The Migros created an app to save you from all this trouble. The Migros app is an online shopping assistant that will make your life so much easier from the very first minute.

What is Migros? 

Migros is an online shopping assistant that will make your grocery shopping trips easier. The Migros app helps its users save money and time while shopping. You can use the app to create a shopping list before you go to the store. When you are at the Migros branch, you can redeem your vouchers and coupons with the app and pay cashless to avoid wasting time at the cashier’s desk. The Migros has everything you need and more! Here are some of the most prominent features that make the Migros app an ultimate online shopping assistant.    

Plan your shopping on the go    

With the Migros, you can forget about writing your shopping list on a paper or in notes. The app has an intuitive operation that facilitates purchasing planning. You can create a shopping list before you visit the store. Simply browse the products and add them to your shopping list with one tap. You can always add more products to your existing list. With this, you will never forget to grab items you need from the store.  

The best thing about the list is that it can be shared between friends and family. Want to create a shopping list for a party? Use the Migros app so that you and your friends can work on it together. you can create the list and share with the family or your roommates. Whenever you add a new item, people you have shared it with will get a notification

Get information about the stores and products    

Want to visit the Migros branch but do not know where the closest one is? Check it with the branch finder on the Migros app. It also shows the opening and closing times, so you do not have to stand at the door and wait for its opening. If you are not sure about the product availability you can check it in the app too! See if the item you want is available at the branch close to you. In case it is out of the stock, the Migros app will show you which branch you can find it in!    

With the Migros app, you can check the nutritional value of the most important products. It can be very helpful for those, who are more thoughtful about the products they consume. You can simply search for the product on the app and check the details. If you already have one of the products in hands and want to check the details or the availability of it, you can scan the barcode and get all the answers! The Migros app is helpful in and out of the stores!   

Pay cashless at the store   

The most inconvenient part of grocery shopping must be the lines at the cashier desk. With the Migros, you can escape it every time! Once you have all the products in your cart use the mobile payment option in the Migros app. You can make cashless, fast and secure payments with all major credit cards available, Migros bank accounts, TWINT, or PostFinance. You will never have to waste your time standing in line! 

Get digital receipts   

If you want to be aware of your spending the Migros app got you covered as well. It keeps all receipts from the past few months. You can always go back to them and check what did you buy and when. This is a great feature you can use for planning your budget for your next grocery shopping trip.    

Get coupons, vouchers and save money   

Almost every shop has different kinds of coupons and vouchers. You might have several of them in your wallet right now. Finding the right one can be tricky. You can say goodbye to pieces of papers in your wallet. All coupons and Cumulus vouchers are digitally available in the Migros app. Using them is very easy and comfortable. Open the app when you are buying products, activate in advance and get the benefits automatically at the checkout!    

With the Migros app, you will get rewarded for shopping. There are stamps available in the wallet of the app. You can get the new stamps every time you buy the respective products automatically. With this, you will collect stamps seamlessly! When you have enough of them you can redeem for various great rewards.    

Take part in competitions and win!   

The Migros app is very easy, convenient and profitable. Apart from this, it gives you the possibility to participate in competitions and campaigns just because you are using the app. The app will let you know when there are an interesting campaign and competition, so you never miss a chance to win something!  Simply participate and you will get great prices on products, gift cards, some new products for testing and many more!   

Experience easy shopping with the Migros app    

The Migros app can make your life so much easier! Use it to create a shopping list and share it with your family to buy the products you need. Get all the information you need about the products or stores and save your time with cashless payment when you are at the store. Get coupons and vouchers to save money while shopping and receive great prizes just because you use the Migros app. The best part of it is that the app is free! Download it on your smartphone from the google play or app store today and experience easy shopping! 



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