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Naruto is a combination of 3D multiplayer fighting with a truncated re-telling of the story of Shippuden. Starting in the midst of The Great Ninja War, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4’s tells the same tale as the manga and anime, cutting out any side action and pruning what is left to the bare essentials.



  1. Play Story Mode First

Story Mode is the first thing that will pop up when starting the game. The early fights are easy enough to where you can get acclimated to the controls, though you can do Practice under Free Battle first if you wanted. Otherwise, Story Mode will offer you a fun narrative covering the tale end of the Naruto Shippuden saga also helps to give numbers of the unlocks available in the game.

On top of that, the Adventure Mode in the game works as a good follow-up to the Story Mode, as it can contain some spoilers for that mode. Granted, most playing this game would not be doing so unless they saw the anime or read the manga. You can move onto the tougher modes like Survival and Tournament, which can prepare you for playing in Online Battles as well.

  1. Use Your Substitution Jutsu Carefully

For those new to the series, you may notice early that it is very hard to avoid getting attacked by long combo strings and with the block button without helping beyond the first blow. This is where the substitution Jutsu comes in, as it will help you to avoid the long combos while opening a window for you to attack. When an opponent is about to land a blow, whether as the first attack or part of a combo, hit L2, to use substitution Jutsu, placing you directly behind the opponent.

This allows you to get your attacks quickly, but also remember that you don’t have infinite substitution Jutsu. Always keep an eye on the orange bars under the health and chakra bars that allow you to do four Substitution Jutsu. It is dangerous to use all of them up, as you will want to have at least one open for when you get stuck in a long combo. To avoid this, don’t use them all at once, instead of spreading them out throughout the match.

  1. Keep Your Chakra Charged

Chakra plays an important role in your fight, especially when facing tougher opponents. The chakra meter is found right below your health bar in blue. Pulling off certain attacks will require the use of some amount of chakra, and not having it will leave you vulnerable by having you button press but nothing happening. The best time to charge chakra is usually after executing a special move that will knock down the opponent.Make sure you quickly charge as much as you can and keep the meter at least half full at almost all times, allowing you to do our next tip consistently.

4. Landing Your Secret Techniques

Secret Techniques are the strongest of all the attacks that you will be able to pull off in the game; some are much stronger than others. There are some secret techniques that can take off close to two life bars in one hit, so knowing how to use them is a big help in battle. Just executing the move is not going to be all, though, as stronger enemies will continue to dodge it most of the time. As a result, you will need to find a strategy that helps to pull it off with more precision.

There are ways that can help to land the secret technique. The first is using Substitution Jutsu to get behind the opponent. This is done when your opponent has already used all of their substitution Jutsu up, for the time being, making it harder for them to dodge it from behind. The second option is to try and overwhelm the opponent by using your support ninjutsu and then use your secret technique while the opponent is busy with them. Neither of these is close to foolproof, but it helps improves your chances.

  1. Avoid Switching Leaders Most of The Time

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 allows you to pick a party of three fighters with the leader at any given time and the others available as support ninjutsu. You can switch to any of the other characters to gain control of them as the new leader at any time.


Pros And Cons


  • Fan-pleasing story mode
  • Strong versus and online modes
  • Huge roster of characters
  • Fantastic anime graphics


  • Bewildering for non-fans
  • Steep learning curve
  • Interminable cut-scenes

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 feels like the ultimate farewell to one hell of a journey. This team has mastered the anime fighter genre by mixing interactive cut-scenes from the anime with an excellent combat system that allows even novice fighters to complete jaw-dropping specials. While the story mode is the cream of the crop, there is a ton of content here to keep you busy way past the ending of Naruto’s saga.



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