Petz: Buy everything online for your pets!

The Petz app

Petz is a perfect app for those who have pets at home and want to make their day-to-day lives either. With this, you can buy everything for your pets online without leaving your house. But it is so much more than just an online store. Besides being everything readily available for your pets, you can use the app to locate the nearest pet store, receive great offers, and even track your walking time with your dog!  

Shop on the Petz app and receive great offers 

Do you have a dog, cat, fish or bird as a pet? Or maybe a rabbit, hamster, gerbil, chinchilla, ferret, turtle or a lizard? Whatever pet you have, there is something available for them on the Petz app. You can buy anything that your pet might need, from food to pharmacy, toys, snacks, clothes, accessories and many more!  

If you want to buy things at the best price available you can visit the special category on the app. There you will find discounts on dozens of products Petz app offers.  

Find the closest store 

Sometimes you just want to see the item before you purchase it for your pet; Because, of course, they deserve the best! If you do not want to buy right away from the app or want to check out the item and buy directly from the shop, you can use the Petz app to locate the nearest store.  

One way to do it is to click the button “Stores” in the app and see the list of all the physical stores available. Otherwise, you can activate your location and the app will suggest the closest store itself. It will also show the information about the availability of the services, such as veterinary or aesthetic centres, zip code, address and the phone number of the store. with the GPS connected, you can find the best route.  

Want to find a physical store close to where you are? With your location activated, the app suggests the nearest Petz store. It shares information such as phone number, address, zip code and availability of services such as veterinary and aesthetics centres. You can call the desired store or connect your mobile phone’s GPS to access the best route to the location. In the button “Stores” it is possible to find the complete list and map containing the stores available in the desired location. 

Track your dog’s walks  

One of the best Petz app features is the tracker that allows you to control the time and distance you walk with your dog. It saves the complete history of your dog’s travel and makes it easier for you to track how much your dog walks!  

You can check the last day when you took your dog out, how much did you walk and for how long. It is a perfect way to keep your dog active and healthy! To use this feature, you just need to register your dog on the Petz app and start walking.  

Download the Petz app today from Google Play or App Store and register as many pets as you have! 



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