ReadingIQ: An unlimited digital library for your kids!

The ReadingIQ app

According to the Department of Education, children who read, or are read to for fun have higher reading scores than others. They learn more new words and phrases daily than their peers. One cannot emphasize the importance of reading at an early age of childhood. It educates children, widens their imagination and helps them develop better reading and writing skills. While parents are aware of these benefits, a lot of them struggle to make their children fall in love with reading. If you are one of them, you need to try the ReadingIQ app!

What is ReadingIQ?

ReadingIQ is a mobile app that offers thousands of children books for learning and reading for fun. It will help your children develop the necessary reading habit and fall in love with books! The ReadingIQ app has a comprehensive digital library that includes all-time favourite books of kids around the world. The books are carefully chosen by national educational experts to match the children’s reading abilities, grade level, and interests. The app is accessible on desktops, phones, and tablets, you can choose the device you feel more comfortable with to read to your kids or let them read by themselves.

What can you find on the ReadingIQ app?

You can find thousands of books that match the reading level of your child to accelerate learning. With the ReadingIQ app, you can have unlimited access to the comprehensive library created by the education experts. The list of the books includes well-known books, exclusive ABC mouse titles, and Caldecott and Newberry medal winners!

You can choose from the picture books, graphic novels, wordless stories, chapter books, fiction, rhymes and songs, biographies, informational books, historical fiction, and more, based on your child’s reading levels and interests. The ReadingIQ app also offers books on every academic subject. They align with the school curriculum, hence are perfect for homeschooling!

Users of the app can get book recommendations and reading lists that will match their level and interest to build important reading skills.

Who is the app for?

The ReadingIQ app offers a wide selection of books for kids under 12 years old. You can see the age categories on the app that allows you to choose the right book for your child. The app offers books for pre-readers – children under 2. These books come with illustrations and voiced-over titles that allow children to build knowledge from a very early age. There are hundreds of books for emerging readers aged 2 to 4. They help children understand how books work, start building their vocabulary and develop an interest in short stories and reading.

Children aged 5 to 8 are growing readers. The ReadingIQ app offers them books that can assist them in increasing reading fluency. The selection of books includes early chapter books and light-hearted stories. There is a big selection of “read to me” books that help children develop listening skills and comprehension. From 8 to 12 your kid is already an independent reader. They can choose books by themselves based on their preferences and interests. Therefore, the library includes all genres of literature appropriate for children, such as nonfiction, fiction, poetry, fantasy and much more! The ReadingIQ app also offers a wide selection of Spanish books for readers aged 2 to 12.

Is the ReadingIQ app safe?

Safety is the biggest concern of parents when it comes to children using digital devices and mobile apps. The ReadingIQ app is 100% safe and kid-friendly for your kids to explore! All the books you may find on the app are age-appropriate and carefully curated by teachers and librarians. Thus, parents do not need to worry about anything when their kids are spending time reading on the app.

The ReadingIQ app allows parents to track and monitor the reading process of their children. You can preview the content your child is exploring and monitor the progress she or he is making!

How much does it cost?

You can have unlimited access to the library of age-appropriate books for your kids for just $7.99 per month. If you want to save money you can go with another membership option and subscribe for a year only for $39.99, that will save you 58%! However, considering the price of the books you are saving much more!

If you have more than one child, you do not need to create an additional account for each of them. Three children can use one ReadingIQ app account! It means that they all can have their reading lists and recommendations!

Help your child thrive with the ReadingIQ app

The benefits of the ReadingIQ app are clear. The app gives parents and children access to an unlimited number of books. All carefully selected and monitored by the education experts. The books are recommended and arranged based on the reading abilities, grade level, interests and preferences of children. Each of them can find the book they love and will slowly turn to the independent readers!

With the ReadingIQ app, you can help your children fall in love with reading. One book at a time will make your children’s reading abilities better and help them thrive in future! If you are still not sure about it, download the ReadingIQ app from the Google Play or App Store, try the 30-day free trial now and decide later!



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