Roll the Ball

The new brain teaser game that is easy to learn and hard to master it makes you addict to play.

Offered by the developers of Pipe Lines: Hexa, Block! & word crush: Hidden Word! The new brain teaser “Roll the Ball” is also produced by the BitMango with one hundred million downloads worldwide.

“Roll the Ball” The new Addicting slide puzzle game that keep you playing it is a simple sliding puzzle, you have to move the blocks with your fingers and create a path for the ball to the Red Goal. The game seems simple but it’s more challenging and harder to master it. Surely if you love puzzle games you definitely have to download this brain teaser “Roll the Ball” slide puzzle game RIGHT NOW!!! Because it contains all puzzle genres.

If you like puzzle game then great! This game is for you.
Physics puzzler: Physics based gameplay.
Brain Teaser: Good for your brain to test it and brain exercise.
PG 3+: From kids to adult all ages can play it.
No Internet: No Wi-Fi no worries it’s an offline playing game.
Lots of Level: Long period playing game with tons of epic levels.
Practice Makes Perfect: Play for an active mind during exams.

Pros and Cons:
Well the pros are the game is FREE to play and the challenging gameplay strengthen your brain and makes you busy for a long periods with its difficult levels.

Game don’t have any disadvantages but if you have Ads that is definitely the Con and the hints aren’t unlimited.



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