Slots – Pharaoh’s Way is an Android game which is designed for those that enjoy slots and gambling but don’t simply want to bet cold, hard cash all of the time.The game is designed with a distinctly Egyptian look and feels, Slots – Pharaoh’s Way features high-quality animations and graphics, monthly events as well as the opportunity to level up and get access to new and exciting slots as players progress.

Here Are Cheat That Is Used In The Game
Cheat 1: Access 4HR Bonus with no Waiting
The game gives out new playing credits only after a four-hour period of waiting, which can be seriously annoying if you are in the middle of a game and find yourself with a zero balance. There are three ways to accelerate the deposit of 250 new coins.
1: Change the Clock Settings of Your Device
The idea involves tricking the app into thinking you have already waited the four hours. What you need to do is to exit the app after you have collected your bonus, and then turn off your mobile data settings and wifi. You can then safely turn your clock forward four hours and launch the Slots Pharaoh’s Way app again. These simple manipulations will allow you collect a new bonus immediately.
2: Uninstall & Reinstall the App
Uninstalling tricks the app into thinking you have just signed in. But in practice, you can use your original username to log in and get additional bonus coins. When you reinstall this app, then you get the added plus of being about to access unlimited games again as well.

3: Edit the App File Using SSH or iFile
This method for bypassing the four-hour waiting period and obtaining new credits immediately is the most complicated but is also the most effective one. It involves modifying and accessing app file, about some credits on your account to suit your desired coin balance.


Cheat 2: Unlimited $100 Bonus for Emailing a Friend
This method involves using the “Email a friend during the game for $100 bonus coins” option multiple times.
First, open the game and click on the “$100 for mailing a Friend during the Game” icon.
Click “Mail for $100” and then exit, using the ‘X.’ Do not exit the application.
Go to settings, select “application manager,” choose “Pharaoh’s Way,” and finally,
Click on “Erase Data.” Go back to the Slots Pharaoh’s Way App and repeat the $100 email operation.
Finally, You can repeat this process as many times as you like to reach your desired balance
These tricks will quickly transform the quality of your game if done rationally and without an extensive use

Pros And Cons In The Game


  • Easy to play and adapt to from other slots games.
  • Bonus rounds and slots help the game feeling fresh and break things up over time.
  • When Progressing through the different levels helps keep the game fresh and nice over prolonged playing period.
  • There is No need to spend real money unless you want to


  • Some players that are not patient enough might find it difficult to wait to unlock the other slots.
  • Could do with some other original features outside of just spinning slots.


Finally, Slots – Pharaoh’s Way is exactly what we will expect from a game like this. A great game all round, there is a special set of people that will like this sort of thing, but they are well taken care of in Slots – Pharaoh’s Way.





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