Plan your next ski trip ahead with Snowthority

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The skiing season is open, and every skiing enthusiast is looking forward to the weekend gateway or winter holiday to visit the mountains. If you are one of them, the Snowthority app might be something you want to have on your smartphone. With Snowthority it is easier than ever to plan your ski trip ahead and skip all the unpleasant surprises weather or snow condition might hold for you.

What is Snowthority

Snowthority gives you all the information you need to know before you pack your ski equipment. It offers mountain weather forecast, information about slope and snow for over 1200 ski resorts. You can find what the weather is like in the next hours, in 3 and even in next 8 days, what are the snow conditions, what are the best skiing areas in the region and so much more. With Snowthority you have everything you might want to know right at your fingertips.

Check weather and snow conditions with Snowthority

One of the most important features the Snowthority app has is the weather forecast and snow conditions. You can get a precise weather forecast hour by hour and see when it is best to go for skiing. You can also check the mountain weather for the next 8 days, so if you want to go on a ski trip on the weekend you know what to expect for sure.

The Snowthority app allows you to check snow condition and snow cover before you go to the resort. This way you will not be left unsatisfied when you are already at the ski resort of your choice.
The interface of the app is very appealing and easy. The information is given in a very good format so that you do not have to hustle to find what you need. However, if you want to see the situation at the resort with your own eyes before you go there you can use panoramic HD live webcams.

It allows you to see the current weather and snow condition yourself. The Snowthority app has more than 800 live webcams, so there’s a high chance you can use it for the resort you want to visit.

Choose where to ski

If you have a wide choice of skiing resorts in your area or perhaps want to visit another country for new skiing experience, you can use Snowthority to choose where to go. Not only you can check the weather and snow conditions, but you can plan where exactly to ski. Even if you go to the resort you have never been to before you do not have to worry. With the help of the Snowthority app, you can get detailed information about the area.

You can find out skiing routes, details about valley descents and fun parks you might want to visit. If you are a newbie and want to gain more knowledge and experience at ski school, you can check local schools with Snowthority too. The app includes information about restaurants, bars and clubs as well, allowing you to plan how to spend your evenings too.

If you are still not sure where to go, you can check independent reviews left by other people. The reviews cover more than 300 skiing areas, making it easier for you to get a second opinion from the people who had the first-hand experience.

Use ski maps for the best experience

Snowthority has inbuilt high-resolution ski maps that show you where the skiing route goes. You can check which descent leads where even if you do not have WIFI access or even if there is no cell phone signal, making the Snwothority app convenient for to use in every situation.

Use Snowthority to plan your next ski trip

The Snowthority app allows ski lovers to plan their ski trip even when it’s just around the corner. Does not matter if you like to plan your holiday days before or like to go on spontaneous weekend trips – Snowthority will quickly become your best skiing friend.

Want to go on a trip this winter? Download the Snowthority app and choose next ski destination from 1200 ski resorts, find out what are the interesting places you might want to visit there, check what are the snow and weather conditions there and choose the best skiing areas. With Snowthority You do not have to worry about uncertainty anymore and can enjoy your trip to the fullest!



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