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Finding help in France has never been easier than it is now, all thanks to Stootie – Services à Domicile. Help is a vague and general term, but it’s probably the most accurate way to describe this platform. On this app you can access help for basically anything, from plumbing and household repairs, to moving and furniture assembly.

Using a simple yet effective process, anyone can post a task on the app, and anyone can reply to a task with a proposal. For example, if you need someone to help you move, you just have to follow a few steps. Select the correct category for your task, which in this case would be transportation, and write a short description detailing what kind of help you’d like. Once that’s complete you can post the task and wait for proposals to start coming in. The proposer will let you know their price and other details, and you can simply select the best one available to you. It’s that easy!

The great thing about Stootie is the variety of people on the app. There are professionals in every field, as well as laymen and other people just looking to do some off-hours work. This gives the people looking for help many options to choose from. Is it a simple task that you just need an extra pair of hands-on? Hire an individual at a reduced rate, they’ll likely be happy just to have some busywork. Is it a more complicated task that needs professional input? Hire a professional, they’ll likely charge you a bit cheaper than other professionals and they’ll let all of their terms be known upfront. This levels the playing field between skilled individuals and professionals because you can see what they each have to offer and compare them. With over 1.3 million users scattered across France, you’ll be sure to find someone to fit your requirements in your area.

Stootie is also surprisingly great at weeding out time and money wasters. On the app, payments go through Stootie. A buyer pays Stootie, who then holds the funds until a job is completed. If there’s a dispute about the task, Stootie acts as an intermediary and fairly deliberates to deescalate the situation. Buyers also have the chance to check out their potential hires before they accept a proposal. Previous buyers can leave reviews and rankings, so if a proposer is unfit in any way, buyers are given the opportunity to reject them. Stootie has definitely thought of it all when they designed this app. With an intuitive interface, simple design and layout, and many precautionary measures available to protect both buyers and sellers, Stootie is the perfect app for your projects, chores, and daily tasks.

Stootie is only available in French and it requires an Apple device with iOS 11.0 or later. Users have been sweepingly positive about the app, which currently boasts a 4.8 star ranking of almost 10K reviews. The next time you come across a task and you’d like a little extra help, consider checking out Stootie.



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