Viking: War of Clans

War of Clans is a MMO strategy game where the player takes the role of Jarl of a Viking town. The game is set in the time of the Viking. It provides most of the standard features players would ever expect from an MMORTS as well, including Clan warfare, multiple research trees and specializations, a Hero system coupled with robust equipment crafting, tons of units to choose from, and brutal PvP action.

Tips and tricks in the game

  1. Open chests of Loki

In the bottom right corner of the screen of Vikings, there is a treasure chest with a bird skull on it. This is a chest of Loki. Opening this chest can grant you bonuses, including time boosts.

Throughout the day, the amount of time between chest opens increases, but if you keep at it, you can earn several time boosters to help speed up your production.

  1. Join a clan

Being part of Vikings’ social component allows players to form up into clans so that they can protect each other and attack others. Joining a clan has a bonus though: clan members can help you research tech, train units faster and upgrade buildings.

If you can join a clan early, you should be able to get quite a bit of time knocked off of long tasks.

War of Clans2

  1. Max your pipeline

At any given time, you can have four tasks being accomplished at once such as upgrade/build buildings, personal tasks, train military units and research new technology. As a result, you should often check into Vikings pretty to make sure you always have at least one task of each type being accomplished to maximize efficiency.

  1. Boost with 5 minutes

Many tasks in Vikings can be boosted to completion for free provided their task timer is under the five-minute mark. If you check in on your village and see that any of your duties are almost done, see if you can go ahead and boost them freely to start a new task.

  1. Build a lot of farms

You will need a lot of farm in this game and make they are regularly upgraded.  The more troop you have, the more food they will consume, and that means ensuring they have enough food by building and improving your fair share of farms. A good way to build up your food reserves is to send your troops on extended missions, so they won’t have to eat any food from your home base in the meantime.

War of Clans

Pros And Cons


  • Great artwork.
  • Mix of RPG and strategy.
  • High production values.


  • Pay-to-win elements.
  • Train your troops to conquer your enemies and join a clan and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

War of Clans3



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