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The Walking Dead : Road To Survival

In The Walking Dead : Road To Survival, the players get to play some iconic characters in an RPG style which gives them an experience of what goes in the game alongside the happenings in the AMC television series. The Walking Dead Road To Survival begins when Phillip Blake reaches Woodbury. The game has lots of features and modes to experiment on, you have your own group of “Survivors” escaping from those dreadful “Walkers” (Zombies). You can participate in multiplayer raids in which you fight for “Reputation”. Winning matches increases your reputation while losing matches diminishes it. You can also get resources after being victorious, from which you can upgrade your player strengths, use them to build new or upgrade your pre-existing town buildings. The Walking Dead: Road To Survival has been a hit just like the rest of the Walking Dead games and comic books.


Tips and Tricks:

While being a fun and addictive game to play, TWD Road To Survival is quite challenging to the experts as well, so here are some tips for you while you play the game:

1). Being strategic and playing smart is the best option because the game is mostly based on YOUR choices, think of long term benefits as opposed to short term.

2). Be ready to make spontaneous (yet smart) choices at every moment because the game can be shocking and your choices are irreversible.

3). Have good reflexes as there are only a few seconds of time given to you to make your choice.

Pros and Cons:

Bugs and issues in TWD Road to Survival are very rare and usually don’t occur but some have been reported lately such as:

1). Some users have reported that while they are raiding, the raid permanently freezes and the game glitches out.

2). Sometimes users with outdated devices have problems like when they go to the shop, the game freezes.

3). The game sometimes crashes when it is closed and then re-entered after a while.


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