War Thunder

War Thunder is a 3D World War II shooter game where players take part in large scale battles in the air and on the ground. War Thunder offers arcade and realistic simulation style gameplay to accommodate a wide variety of play styles. It was developed by Gaijin Entertainment, who has made combat flight simulators, racing games, and hack-and-slash action games. The game now includes ground combat and also aerial combat, enabling players to take control of tanks or planes

War Thunder

Plane Tips And Tricks

  1. Get acquainted with your plane

Play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. In War Thunder, the attribute and stats of your plan are as important as your ability to fly it. A nimble turn-fighter is ideal in a closely fought dogfight; however, it is easy prey from a distance. Conversely, using a heavy fighter is all about preserving your energy during attacking runs; lose momentum because you turned with your target and you will find yourself in a very difficult situation.

Spend an ideal time between matches combing through your plane’s stats in the hangar, and you will soon be able to identify whether you are capable of performing an aerial ballet or should stick to picking targets off from the safety of the cloud line. 

  1. Avoid head-ons

This might seem like an obvious piece of advice, but you will be surprised by the number of pilots who get them tempted into a head-on firefight. Even if you are quick enough to duck out of a fiery collision, the likelihood of either one of you emerging in better shape than the other is slim at best.

So, when you see a plane coming straight at you, do not take it as some gentlemanly duel where victory can be determined only by divine intervention. Steer immediately away, or you will both die.

  1. Fire with extreme prejudice

Planes in War Thunder have limited ammo and lengthy cooldown times, which makes choosing the right moment to fire crucial for any pilot looking to last the duration of the match. On top of this, your plane’s guns are useless at over 500m, and firing for prolonged spells will only reward you with severely reduced accuracy.

  1. Know your enemy

Sifting through every stat on your aircraft is only part of the process. Just as it is practical to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, it is also important to know who to watch out for in the skies and who will be easy prey.

Invest some time into researching any planes you have found particularly troublesome before, and you can identify their pitfalls in to get the upper hand next time you meet. For example, He 112’s might boast an impressive array of guns that make them lethal in dogfights, but their poor turning makes them useless when pitted against a light fighter.

  1. Use your teammates

Even in the most heated of dogfights, a player can always find safety by seeking refuge among their teammates. While the results are not quite as tangible as in the Ground Forces game, heading towards a group of friendliest is an easy way of shaking off any pursuers.

Bonus points for helping friendly fighters out is enough reason for most to give chase, and the fact that their target is already distracted usually means a quick kill too. Likewise, it is never a bad idea to keep close to at least one friendly as you never know when you might need each other.

War Thunder2

Tank Tips And Tricks

1. Know your Tank

A simple tip and one you can do before even entering battle are to know your tank, from its armament and armor thicknesses to its speed and crew positions is essential to understanding why you just lost out to an inferior tank. Spend some time in the Hangar observing your tank in x-ray learning and mode the specs and you will know which areas of your tank to hide from enemy fire and how effective you are at dealing it back.Paying attention to your vehicle’s top speed and weight will also provide you hints as to what combat role your tank is best suited for. Light and fast tanks make excellent assault vehicles and are particularly effective at capturing objectives. Slow and heavily armored tanks will require a more careful approach but offer their ability to soak up heavy damage as recompense.

2.Make your shots count

You can unload as many shells into a tank as you want in War Thunder, but if they aren’t hitting anything valuable, you might also be missing. War Thunder utilizes some specific damage values and modules for every tank. Ammo racks, crew positions,  fuel tanks and just about anything you will expect to be important in an actual tank are the objects you’ll want to be hitting if you want to get some kills under your belt. A single shot at a weak spot can wipe out the whole tank crew, damaging a tank’s tracks will leave it immobile, hitting an ammo rack can set the vehicle ablaze, allowing you to circle it and deliver a fatal blow. A well-aimed shot is infinitely more valuable than a hundred misplaced ones. Look for gaps in the opposition’s armor – they might be minuscule, but firing at these weak spots will not you kills faster than anything else.

3.Do your homework

Equally as important as knowing all there is to know about your tank, being aware of some basic strength and weaknesses of other tanks can be a lifesaver. If you keep coming up against the same tank and losing, it pays to comb through its stats in the game’s menu. Keeping an eye out for armor vulnerabilities, offensive frailties or knowing to simply keep a bit of distance between you and a certain type of tank will keep you involved in the battle for much longer.


War Thunder3

Even the slightest details can give you the edge over an opponent. A slow turret traverse speed on an otherwise solid tank is its Achilles heel if you can circle it.

There is no reason not to pick this game up on any platform. With the addition of tanks which is an additional game, the different factions of planes and the single and multiplayer campaigns, there is no reason not to own this game.



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