Wartime X

Wartime x is a turn-based strategy card battler game which combines strategic gameplay with action, using a unique combat engine that fuses the card classics poker and war. You start by choosing your characters. All the characters are based on original concepts pitting comic-style heroes against villains. There are over 50 in all, each one different from the last. They have their own set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that will serve them well in battle.

The game setup is simple. You get three cards in one hand. Using those cards, you initiate moves and attacks. The key is to make those moves quickly. For every set of three cards you have in your hand, you must quickly evaluate them and determine what combination to use given the situation you are in to maximize success.

Tips And Tricks In The Game

How To Play

  • Your hand: each turn you get three cards to choose from.
  • Blocking: select a card that’s equal to or higher in value than the incoming attack to block and receive no damage from it. During ambush events, all your cards become blocks. select one to deflect the incoming attack.
  • Duration: each ambush results in a different amount of incoming attacks, so be ready to defend them all.
  • Momentum: if you blocked the attack, you’ll gain momentum and get to play your hand first!
  • Suits: cards with values higher than your character’s suits become holds. These are indicated by an open palm icon in the bottom-right corner of the card.
  • Holding: holds don’t damage your opponent, but reward you with an extra card at the end of the round! Hit the discard button to get back to regular play.
  • Discarding: you can only take three cards with you into the next round, so you’ll need to leave one behind.
  • Doubles: if you have two cards of the same value then you can play them at the same time!
  • Suit matches: it’s possible to play 2 or 3 cards with different values if their suits match.
  • Straights: if you have three cards that make a straight you can play them!
  • Dark blade: the allies need your help, and if you are not with us you are against us.
  • Scan: to survive, you will need to trust your intuition on the battle field. Select an arrow to scan for enemies in that direction.

Wartime x2


  • Character level up skills let you do all sorts of fun things like make barriers, dodge attacks and directly damage your opponent!
  • Ability usage: you can use an ability once per round when you have momentum, Tap the ability button to activate it.
  • Ability follow-up: once the ability finishes executing, play your desired hand as usual.
  • Training: you can quickly check which characters can be upgraded by tapping the training button.


  • Social pack: you can open a social pack for free every 15 minutes.
  • Daily goals: the daily goals will provide you an additional reward source.
  • Wartime rewards: complete battles to earn player XP, gems, clues, credits and other items.

Wartime x1

Wartime x is something new and different. There are plenty of card based battle games, but the execution of this game is unique and keeps the pace up, keeping you challenged and entertained.



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