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WWE Champions

WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG is a combative puzzle game wherein players have to match three gems. Doing so causes their wrestler of choice to attack their opponent. But while characters attack each other with typical wrestling moves — punches, kicks, a chair to the back of the head.

There are over 100 different Superstars to collect players can build their fantasy rooster and must connect gems in order execute the much loved iconic wrestling moves needed to pin their opponent. The longer the combination of gums connected, the more powerful the attack.

With customizable signature finishing moves, and ability upgrades players can battle in a variety of formats, such as one on one battles, tag team as well as weekly tournaments that recreate real-life WWE pay-per-view confrontations from Raw and Smack Down Live etc.

 Tips and Tricks

Think Tactically

As you break gems, new gems will scroll down. Therefore, by breaking the gems that are lower down it is possible to line up combinations as trigger multiple moves.  This means that it sometimes better to make horizontal moves rather than vertical and vice versa.  On rare occasions, moves can also combine the horizontal and the vertical which will spark special moves.

Connect Four … or Five

Even though connecting three gems will trigger an attack, connecting four will clear an entire row for an even stronger attack and connecting five in a row will award an extra move which when played right can unleash near fatal blows. Therefore, as with the above tip, try thinking tactically and aim to set up mores which can result in bigger payoffs!

Color Code Your Abilities

Each superstar has different special attack abilities and as such are triggered by different colored gems. Therefore, be sure to first check what color powers up your superstar and then focus on those colors.  This means that it may be better to take a three gem power-up move rather than a four gem move that doesn’t power up abilities.

Furthermore, when powering up abilities it is also best to try to power up your ‘finishing’ move first and save it until your opponent has been weakened enough to finish ensure a quick victory. It should also be noted that color-coded gems will deal more damage than un-coded colored gems.

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Unfortunately, the biggest downside to WWE: Champions – Free Puzzle RPG is that the progression of gameplay is simply too structured and lacking any freedom of initiative. Depending on the type of game, players may choose to slowly replay lower levels to build resources and become as strong as they can be before progressing to the next stage, or conversely, they may wish to ‘rush’ ahead as fast as possible on the bare essentials to focus resources on the most effective upgrade.

Loot boxes

During battles, white loot boxes will often be scattered throughout the gems. As tempting as it is to connect and trigger these, doing so simply increases the possible amount of loot boxes (which are minor) that can be won after winning the match.

Keep in mind though that they can only be claimed upon winning a match and essentially do virtually no damage to the opponent which basically means that by playing them players are forfeiting their turn.  Hence, unless replaying a mission with a stronger, upgraded superstar, it is best to not bother with them.

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