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A Parent’s Guide to Roblox Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our parent’s guide to Roblox. If you’ve missed out on the first part, you can read up on the basics of the platform here. In this part, we’re going to explore the parental side of things.

This is intended for parents whose child may be currently playing Roblox or maybe wanting to give the platform a go. Whichever it is, it’s best to keep yourself informed so you can make the best possible decisions on what your child does online.

Is There an Age Limit in Roblox?

Simply put, Roblox doesn’t impose an age minimum on their platform. In fact, the company has cited the constructivist approach to education as being a guiding principle in the design of Roblox. Constructivism in education means that children are free to leverage their natural curiosity to learn and understand the world. This includes making use of their creative instincts. As constructivists, the company behind Roblox believes that creating is for all ages and therefore doesn’t set any bounds in the regard.

By being this open, however, the Roblox platform inevitably falls into certain moral grey areas. Just like with every large internet platform out there, there are people with malicious intentions. Exercising precautions as well as keeping your child educated and informed apply to Roblox, too.

Does Roblox Offer Parental Controls?

Yes, Roblox has account-level restrictions you can place in order to control how your child interacts with the platform. The primary way is by setting restrictions on who can message your child, as well as chat with them and other communication limits. What most parents commonly do here is only to allow their children’s friends to contact them. To gain these controls, you need to simply add your own email address to your child’s Roblox account. This will enable you to also set your own PIN number that will effectively lock your child from being able to change these settings. What you must bear in mind is that these parental controls are optional and anyone, including your child, can download and start playing without hindrances.

Is The Chat in Roblox Safe?

A sharing and creative platform like Roblox naturally encourages its users to interact with each other. Of course, they add the necessary functions to make that happen including a chat function. In Roblox, there are two functions, Chat and Party. By default, the platform filters out risque language and profanity by replacing words with symbols. If your child’s account reflects an age below 13, the chat is even more heavily filtered. What’s also worth noting is that the company behind Roblox has real employees monitoring chats and public discussions for suspicious and predatory activity.

Are There Sexual Predators on Roblox?

In a nutshell, yes. Roblox is not much harder than other social media platforms and websites when it comes to who can access it and that includes malicious individuals. The advantage of Roblox is the company’s commitment towards offering account controls for parents as well as staffed monitors. That being said, predators do pop up. This is where placing the highest level restrictions and educating your child to only access Private Messages from people he or she knows will be important.

At the end of the day, the internet is a large open space for anyone to interact with any other person out there. Exercising the right precautions as well as keeping your child informed about the dangers of being online are going to be the keys to allowing them to enjoy life online just like you do offline.



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