Apple Watch 6 – Improvements and New Features Part 2

Apple Watch 6: What is its performance like?

The Apple Watch 6 should give you around a full day of battery life using its basic features. If you use it for a workout, for example, to run a 10K, then you can expect the battery to drain more quickly. Apple has made third-party apps possible to download. If you don’t want to use Apple’s built-in app for exercise, then you can certainly find your favorite running or cycling app available. The same goes for sleep tracking and other activities.

If you are disappointed with Apple’s fitness app offerings, then you are not alone. There is no reason a dedicated runner, cyclist, or other athletes will give up their Garmin or TomTom GPS watches and use an Apple Watch 6 for workouts. That could change somewhat in the future. The Fitness Plus service is on tap to be released later this year by Apple.

Parents may find the Family Setup feature to be handy. The feature allows parents to organize a cellular Apple Watch 6 for their kids and to manage it remotely.

Apple Watch 6: Is the blood oxygen monitoring feature needed?

The average person that buys an Apple Watch 6 won’t use the blood oxygen monitoring feature. It is debatable whether athletes, runners, cyclists, or any gym rat will use the blood oxygen monitoring system either. There are a lot of gimmicks smartwatches promote that is claimed to get people healthy, but the most important features continue to be steps taken, miles covered, and GPS.

If you think the blood oxygen monitoring feature is going to help you get healthier, then you are probably the type of person to buy a lot of electronic devices that make claims of improving your health through gimmicks. Again, most people are unlikely to use the feature other than doing it for a short time. It is likely to be a simple fade.

Apple Watch 6: Who is the new smartwatch for?

Most Apple Watch owners won’t see a need to upgrade to the series 6. There just isn’t a reason to shell out the money for another smartwatch that isn’t much of an upgrade. Of course, there will be those Apple device devotees that have to have the new product. Otherwise, Apple Watch 6 is more for newcomers to the wearable market.

As mention earlier, there are a number of price points Apple hits with the series 6 device. You can get one for $399 all the way up to over $1,400. Apple Watch 3 and 5 owners can update their versions to the new WatchOS 7 and access nearly all the same features outside of the blood oxygen monitor.

Unless you have to have the new features exclusive to series 6, including sleep tracking, cycle directions (only in select cities), and Family Setup, then you may want to stick with your previous Apple Watch version.



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