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Best Match-three Mobile Puzzle Games (Sweet, Sweet Candy Crush Clones)

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Struggling to find the best match-three games like Candy Crush in the endless sea of cheap rip-offs? We’ve been there. Sick of looking at the same old candies, yet totally addicted to the awesome gameplay. Luckily for you, we had all the time in the world to weed out the really bad titles, leaving you with nothing but the best match-3 games available for Android and iOS.

Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3 – Just Like Candy Crush But… Gummier (iOS)


This is the latest addition to our growing collection of Mobile Puzzle Game Reviews and as such, it deserves some special attention. 

Brimming with delicious gummy candy graphics, Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3 is yet another, but very well-executed, candy crush clone for iOS. Free to play and available even when you’re offline – there’s no real good reason not to get this time-killing match-three puzzle on your iPhone.

The concept needs little introduction. The player has to switch gummy candies (teddies, cows, piggies and etc.) around to form desired patterns. The goal is pretty simple and easy to understand. Move from level to level and earn power-ups by matching three or more of a kind. This app takes matching puzzle games to a whole new level though. With attractive visuals and a great interface to back it up, it brings a fresh new experience to a classic game style.

Standing Out of The Match-3 iOS Crowd

The game’s most unique feature is definitely its dedication to worldbuilding and expanding on the user’s experience.

Players enjoy a vast realm of gummies while traveling through Hazel River and Chocolate Field, seeking to get to the next level. The developers of Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3 have spared no detail when it comes to communicating their vision to the player. Playing just a few rounds is enough to get you drolling is sure to leave your mouth watering. Delving into all sorts of sweets, these developers have created a world that will pull you into its delectable delights.

With its playful visuals and entertaining storyline, this matching iOS puzzle will keep you engaged for hours on end. Each level comes with its own difficulties and unique strategies you need to discover to move on. The keen trick behind the graphics and themes of this app is that it captivates audiences of all ages. No matter where you are in life, we’re all attracted to appetizing candies. The world created in the app also adds to the effect and helps to keep you engaged, but that’s simply the external draw. Once you start playing it’s actually quite hard to put it down. With a mix of powerups, shiny graphics, and complicated levels, this game can eat up many, many hours. And who can blame you? There are over 200 levels, and the developers promise that there are more to come.

All The Basics of a Good Match-three Puzzle Game

Most players get used to the pace of the game early on, but the dynamic levels will keep you coming back for more. If you need to relax after a long day or you’re sick of Candy Crush, this may be the app for you. It’s a great way to spend an hour or two because instead of passively watching Netflix, you’re actively engaging your brain to figure out the best way to solve these puzzles.

It’s definitely addictive, but all in good fun. As we said it’s 100% free, but there are the usual in-app purchases – gummi power-ups in this case. It’s available for Apple products, iOS 9.3 or later, and currently has over a 4.0-star rating. If you want a fun way to bide some time with a stimulating game, just give it a try.

Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3 – Features

  • Free to play – the game contains ads and offers in-app purchases of power-ups. 
  • Available off-line – and even better, without the ads!
  • Online leaderboard – your best run will be automatically posted online
  • Combo-chaining – match up to 5 gummies for high points
  • Post your high score on Facebook – You can brag about your achievements in the social network

Munchkin Match – The Matching Game With a Soul (Android and iOS)

Get to know Lemi – the clumsy yet kind hero of Munchkin Match. He’s a wizard living in a magical world of delicious candies, sweets and donuts. He’s in trouble though. The beautiful candy-decorated airship where he lives got looted by the evil dragon Winklehawk. Now, you have to set things straight.

Make your way through hundreds of levels and face various monsters (munchkins) by finding the best matching combinations to achieve the points needed to progress. Beautiful 3D graphics, a nice relaxing soundtrack and cheerful gameplay give Munchkin Match a unique character. And we’re sure that you’re going to appreciate it.

Munchkin Match – Features

  • Hundreds of challenging levels with more being added on a regular basis
  • Join the Munchin Club for more rewards – power-ups for regular visitors, animated avatars and more
  • Compete with your friends and other players in the online leaderboard
  • Easily switch between your phone and tablet

Wizard of Oz Magic Match – The Fairytale Candy Crush Clone (iOS & Android)

Meet your favorite childhood characters in this imaginative recreation of Candy Crush by the guys from Zynga Studios. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion are all there waiting for you to take them on your next adventure. Join the crowd and unlock hundreds of puzzles in Emerald City, which will reward you with actual scenes from the movie and beautiful hand-drawn art! 

Some quick tips before you dive in. Keep your eyes for Glinda. There are magical stars whenever she’s around. They’ll boost your magic meter, helping you ramp up more points.

Match four items to form a square and you’ll get a butterfly of that color. Whenever there are scattered and hard to reach gems, it will save your life!

Don’t forget your super items! It’s almost impossible to progress at later stages without them. You can get magic bubbles (bombs) by matching five items in L or T shapes. Matching five items in a row grants you with a Crystal Ball. This is your ultimate weapon. 

There’re some more surprises that we are leaving for you to discover.

Wizard of Oz Magic Match – Features

  • Progress unlocks scenes and characters from Wizard of Oz
  • Hundreds of exciting levels
  • Awesome clever power-ups
  • Unlock pages of the Oz Storybook by playing infinite levels

Looking For Other Cool Games Like Candy Crush?

These were our top 3 matching games for Android and iOS but there are dozens more to discover in our Puzzle Reviews. Did we miss your favorite game? Or is there a game you want us to review? Let us know in the comments down below.

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