Crazy Cake Swap

Crazy Cake Swap is a phenomenal match-3 game that brings an insane amount of innovation to the match-3 genre. Crazy Cake Swap has hands down the most innovative level design we have seen in years.

Most match-3 games have simple level objectives that either requires players to reach a certain amount of points or match together a specified item a certain number of times, but this particular game adds a ton of creative new levels into the mix for a delightful experience.

There are some levels in which you will have to clear a path for a person to walk through the level, there are some levels in which you will have to make special treats and, similar to these, there are various other unique kinds of levels that you will get to enjoy as you keep progressing further.

Crazy Cake Swap1

Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game

Know Your Level Type

It is all well and good trying to clear all the pieces of cake out there, but that is not much use if your objective was way more defined than that. Pay attention to what is expected of you. Need to collect up a certain number of one type of cake? You should work on that before racking up the points. Need to feed some customers yellow cake, not red cake? Why would you even consider combining those red cakes?

Create Special Moves Often

If you combine four tiles in a line, you create a unique frosting tube that can wipe out a whole row or column. If you connect them to a square formation, you can tap on the special tile to wipe out a random one of the same color. Learn to use these as quickly as possible. You can get also get special bonus when you combine special tiles with other special tiles activates.

The best move is when you combine five tiles in a row, leading to a special rainbow star that can wipe out all of one type of cake. It’s mainly handy during stages that require you to collect x number of one kind of cake.

The Direct Route Isn’t Always the Best

Some stages have you needing to create a path between your character and the door. While the apparent way might seem like the best route to take, it’s not always guaranteed. Look at what tiles you can combine, and plan a move or two. Sometimes, you’re better off pursuing a longer route that you can clear in fewer steps.

Crazy Cake Swap2

Find Your Friends Fast

The Find your Friends levels have you trying to uncover your friends from underneath the piles of cakes. Kind of like Battleships, you can often uncover one piece of them, so you know where to aim for. Keep chipping around to get them in the clear. No idea where to start? Go for somewhere central and work from there. A methodical approach is wise early on in these stages.

Use Your Moves Wisely

Spreading icing is kinda simple, but you need to have some icing, to begin with. There’s no point combining tiles that haven’t been iced at all, as you will not spread anything this way. Those combos might feel like you are getting somewhere, but you need to focus on adding icing, even if it is only one tile at a time.

Take A Bottom-Up Approach

If it’s not clear where would be the best area to tackle, aim for the bottom and work your way up. If you clear some tiles low down, you can often set off a chain reaction, and take out many more areas. If you are stuck with a useful move, this can be the ideal way to set things up for greater success later on.

Save Your Diamonds

Don’t bother using the premium diamonds to buy extra moves. It’s going to be tempting, but you’re better off saving them to unlock new areas. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck asking your friends or waiting a few days to be able to play the new areas. Where’s the fun in that?

Get Your Friends Involved

On that note, if you get your friends involved, you can all help in unlocking new areas faster. There’s the bonus of being able to import their faces into your game, but this is all about getting to the new parts of the game fast!



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