Dostavista: The Express Delivery Service Application

Dostavista logotype.

There are many delivery service applications and companies that promise to deliver express service to its customers. They believe in delivering the products and goods ordered at the right time, however; most of them fail to do so due to a number of reasons.

The Dostavista express delivery service application is designed to deliver goods and items in just 60 – 90 minutes or whenever the user needs it to be delivered. There are times when our courier arrives at our doorstep without leaving any message and notification and we are unable to receive it. It becomes a hassle when you have to trace your courier and tell them the time and date that is suitable for you to accept your order.

However, Dostavista express delivery service finally puts an end to such episodes as it promises to deliver your courier when you need it or ask for it. The application will try to find the nearest courier service after you have placed an order.

What can you expect?

The service provided by Dostavista is extremely fast and economical. It has access to 12,000 courier service providers. Moreover, the application is easy to use and is extremely convenient for people as they control the time and date of their delivery.   The application can be used to deliver documents, gifts or even butterflies.

Why Dostavista is the Best Express Delivery Service Application?

There are several factors that make Dostavista the best express delivery service application that exists in the market today.

  1. It is suitable for urgent delivery as within seven minutes a suitable courier is assigned to your product. The product will be delivered at your doorstep according to the timings that suit you.
  2. The payment can be done either in the form of cash or it can be transferred from one account to another. The most interesting feature is that the price you have to pay is calculated on the application that gives you a heads up way before the product or the courier is dispatched. You have time to arrange for the money that you have to pay. It gets easier for you to determine the mode of payment.
  3. People can easily decide the type of courier service they need for their product. It can either be in the form of foot, car or pickup trucks and vans. The courier on foot feature is utilized mainly for the delivery of flowers or documents whereas courier with a car, pickup trucks and vans are mostly used to deliver heavy equipment, furniture or fragile items from one place to another.
  4. The application also helps you keep a track of your courier on the map, therefore; you can easily find out where your courier is at a particular time.
  5. The express delivery service also makes sure that if you have to pay for a product then they can do it for you with the help of their own money. They will collect the payment once they reach your doorstep.

You can now download it for iOS and Android or check more App Reviews.

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