FIFA 22 career mode explained in-depth

FIFA 22 career mode gameplay.

We are entering one of the most popular game modes in EA Sports’ FIFA series, Career Mode. And now, it might get even more popular with the new improvement in FIFA 22 Career Mode. FIFA 22 Career Mode promises to update the player and manager career paths, plus Create Your Club, which allows you to create your local site to the database.

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Improvements in Fifa 22 career mode

These improvements will level up the practical side and bring you more options to customize your Manager Career experience and Player Career experience. Don’t forget that you have complete control over your Pro’s development and career progression.

 There is still a lot to talk about, so let’s dive right in!

Watch full guide of career mode from the Fifa 22 YouTuber

Create Your Club

As mentioned above, in Create Your Club, you can add a custom club for your manager career and assign it to a league of your choice and give it a rival club. You can also create your club identity by choosing a name and nickname and customizing your crest, kit and stadium. So, get creative and make your club like none other!

Player Career

Player Career also has been improved in FIFA 22. Now, you can introduce your player as a substitute, and you can choose to start the game when you get subbed on. In addition, Manager Rating has been added so your performances will get feedback and set individual Match Objectives. Continuing to impress your Manager will earn you a place and ensure you are not back to the bench.

Created Players have a new Player Growth path. So, when you complete matches and reach your Match Objectives, XP and Skill Points will be unlocked. You can then use XP to decide how your player progresses and which attribute to improve in the Player Career Skill Tree.

Below there is a video full of tips on how to make a player's career as a super-star! The video is about the Fifa 21 but rumors say that same tips and tricks will be adaptable to Fifa 22.

Dressing Room Atmosphere

To make Player Career feel so much more realistic, they added dressing room cinematic sequences at the end of each match. You will see your team’s latest performance and how they celebrate victory or how they express their loss.

Transfers Updates

You will have a more vivid experience of transfer negotiation as contract discussions and negotiations feel closer to reality. You also can start and stop scouting a player from the Transfer Hub.

Expanded Stories

This focuses on your stats and accomplishments, like when you’ve played 50 to 250 matches or won the Manager of the Month award. These achievements are shown in pre-match sequences, which include commentary in the language of your choosing.

Other Changes

Dynamic Tifos

Now celebrate the accomplishments of your player, whether it’s your created player or a real player in the game.


The UEFA Conference League has been added as a third main continental competition for European clubs. As you have read, FIFA 22 has features that you can’t find in FIFA 21; for example, Create Your Club allows you to come on as a substitute, post-match sequences, Tifos for generated players and many more.

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