Fifa 22 Gameplay – what changed and improved with the new version

FIFA 22 in-game match scene.

FIFA 22 is promised to have jam-packed full of new features. With Hypermotion gameplay technology, EA sports surely knows how to spoil players. Hypermotion gameplay technology will feature in the PS5 and Xbox series X|S versions of FIFA 22, and it’s going to deliver the most realistic, fluid, and responsive football experience. 

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New features in Fifa 22

Not only that but there are also gameplay features and new modes for gamers to play. We will look at four gameplay features: Goalkeeper Rewrite, Tru Ball Physics, Explosive Sprint, and New Attacking tactics. So, without further ado, let’s get right on it!

Watch EA trailer of Fifa 22. It's a mini preview of the features that Fifa 22 has for the football fans

Goalkeeper rewrite in FIFA 22 gameplay

Yes, a new goalkeeper system has already been introduced on all consoles, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But, the exciting thing about this goalkeeper is that with a complete rewrite of goalkeeping AI and animation, the goal looks more natural and effective. If you pay close attention to FIFA 21’s high-scoring games, you will notice its absence. 

To make it more clear, your goalkeeper on FIFA 22 will have new animations. The goalkeeper movements have been rescanned, making them more reliable in actions and look more fluid and realistic than ever before.

True ball physics 

As the name suggests, we can assume that the ball movement in FIFA 22 gameplay is expected to obey the law of physics. This means that the ball reacts much more realistically to speed, swerve, air drag, air resistance, ground friction. This makes the ball’s behavior on the field more authentic, like what you will see in an actual football match.

Can you imagine how fun it can be to play a football game on a console that looks close to the actual football match? Well, you shall find out all of it after your first kick-off in FIFA 22.

Explosive sprint of the players

Remember when you press the sprint button on your previous FIFA releases? Yes, the player started to slow and increased his speed until he reached his top speed. You know what, you can say goodbye to that because, in this explosive sprint of the players in FIFA 22, the first step becomes more explosive right after you press the sprint button.

It gives you essential advantages when running over the defender and catching up with the opponent’s striker. An explosive sprint gives you more control in terms of acceleration when dribbling or defending.

New physics, sprints and skills will be easily adaptable at the new stadiums like this one:

Improved stadium in FIFA 22.

New attacking tactics

They say the community requested this one feature. If you are one of them who wishes to have this in your game, then congratulations, EA sports heard you. The player has more control over how you play in FIFA 22. You can now set up your team to have a different playstyle in each half of the pitch. Change how you want to attack your opponent with other tactics. Moreover, you can set it for in-game tactics, too, so switching your approach according to the current score-line and opponent’s tactics is easier than ever.

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