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Foldable iPhone – Is Apple going to realize it?

Foldable iPhone.

With the invention of new smartphones every day, foldable phones are the next big that every person is excited about. With that being said, there is various news about Apple launching its first-ever foldable iPhone.

If you are an apple lover, you surely might be knowing about the same thing.
Is Apple going to release it or it’s just a hoax? Let’s find out.

Is Apple going to Release the Foldable iPhone?

According to the reports from (Taiwanese Media), Apple is working towards its new foldable iPhone. The foldable will not come anytime soon as the work Apple is currently working on it. The report said, the foldable iPhone will be launched by the end of 2022. It will launch in September if everything goes as per the plan.

The News About Foldable iPhone

The materials for the foldable iPhone will come from a Taiwanese supplier. The tech giant is in talks with Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon. These are the two material manufacturer for foldable iPhone. surely, Apple is talking to other suppliers too.

Samsung has always been known for the display of their phone. Well, now Apple is more likely to take the display from Samsung. The display of the new foldable iPhone might be OLED or MicroLED. Along with the display, Samsung is more likely to be the main source of the display. Along with this, Apple will buy the bearings from various suppliers to ensure quality. When it comes to bearing, Apple will more likely get the bearings from Nippon Nippon.

The folding hinge and the materials are based on Taiwanese firms. So, Apple is entirely dependent on the firms for the hinge and the materials. The R&D (Research and Development) for the new foldable iPhone is also done by the same company. This surely means that these companies are playing in the new foldable iPhone. Apple’s foldable iPhone success will depend on this.

Hon Hai (The Taiwan-based firm) also known as Foxconn will assemble the iPhone and New Nikko will provide all the materials. It is said that Hon Hai is one of the largest foundries of Apple for the iPhone.

Production and Testing

The production and testing of materials have already begun. The New Nikkon firm reported that they have already tested they have tested the previous foldable phones for more than 1,00,000 times to ensure the Durability. It will then mass produce all the materials ponce everything is finalized.

It will surely require a lot of testing and extreme folding tests. Apple is making sure that the foldable iPhones are more durable than the previous phones. This will ensure quality.

Like always, Apple firmly believes in the quality of its products. Cupertino is known for the most durable products with the least amount of glitches and issues. That’s the reason why the date will not be far to reach.

By the time of the launch, Apple will make sure that all the phones are properly tested and they are durable. Unlike its competitors, there will be no glitches and foldable phones will be glitch-free.

Apple has already worked with most of these companies such as Nippon Nippon in the past. When Apple introduced the Notebook, these companies were also a part.

Reports and Previous News

This is not the first time when the news about the foldable iPhone has come into the limelight. A couple of months back, there was various news about Apple launching the foldable iPhone.

It was back in February 2020 when Apple filed for the patent for the foldable iPhone. In early March, the patent was awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is titled “Foldable cover and display for an electronic device”.

With this, the fans knew that Apple will launch the new foldable iPhone anytime soon.

The patent says that the device will come with a layer of a flexible display and on top of it, there will be a cover layer. There will be sensors to decide when to put the device on standby. The sensors will turn off the screen or simply put it in stand by whenever the device is folded. Apple will use these sensors in the device or not.

Apple has filed the patent for the same things. So, there are good chances that it will include all of these things in the new foldable iPhone.

The Apple fans were very much excited when the patent news came in. Apple saw a positive response with this.

The Buzz about Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are no longer a dream. Foldable phones have been in the industry for a while now. The first foldable phone was launched back in November 2019. The Royal FlexiPai was the first-ever foldable phone.
By the time of the launch, Samsung already announced its foldable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z fold 2 are the two foldable smartphones announced. The first Samsung foldable phone saw a lot of delays but the new smartphone version was smooth and everything went as per the expectations.

With that being said, foldable phones are now not a new thing that everyone is waiting for. Instead, people are waiting for the iPhone to see how Apple will bring innovation to the new iPhone. That’s why people are waiting for the giant to come up with the foldable iPhone.
The wait is not as big as Apple believes in launching the perfect device rather than launching it fast. Therefore, there isn’t much concern about the time or the delay. The fans are surely waiting for the new launch. It might be delayed if there occurs some problem. However, in most cases, it will work smoothly and the device will be launched in September itself. In the same way, the foldable iPhone can also come early if the testing is done before the date. This depends on Apple and other companies.

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