Forest Rescue: Bubble POP


Classic arcade bubble popping taken to a whole other level. In this game you start blasting everything in sight. You get your slingshot hand ready and face down those polluting Beavers. Classic arcade bubble is a fun addictive gameplay where you burst and pop everything in your path and help the Forest critters shoot the lights out on those bad Beavers. Become one with the sling and master the art of shooting bubbles.

You save your friends who are in need of rescue. Trapped by the evil polluting minions of Beaver Corp., only your skilled sling can break free the forest critters from their ordeal.

The game is an offline play. You don’t need Wi-Fi or data to play the game. Play without the need for an internet connection. Have fun anywhere you are.

Use the slingshot to free your trapped friends so they can come to your rescue and help you evade obstacles.

Classic arcade bubble1

Here Are Some Features Of The Game

  • Awesome hand-made levels
  • Lots of cute critters to rescue
  • Fun and exciting power-ups
  • Great graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • All the bubbles you can shoot
  • You get to save the Forest

Classic arcade bubble2



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