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Gardening games on PC for you to play

Gardening games on PC for you to play.

If you want to play a game with ease without the need of reloading bullets or squeezing your brain, try gardening games on PC. It is relaxing and fun because there is something about playing gardening games that makes you feel in-tune with nature. It’s probably because of the repetitive nature of planting a field and the slow pace of getting the result of your crops growing.

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Gardening games in the general prism

In the past few years, gardening games in general also got attention as many people describe that gardening games can often be a place of retreat and escape. There are desires to be involved in gardening as nowadays there aren’t many green spaces left. At least through gardening games on PC, we can experience the colourful garden and enjoy the process of crops growing.

Version of the open garden

Many games mimic the natural open garden for the PC playing experience to be more realistic. The developer’s goal is, of course, to pump up the garden game download stats. But, this approach is more of a way to experience it as if they are in the actual fields for the players.

If you want to get similar experience in the gardening games, then here is the YouTube video compiling big list of the same niche PC or console games!

Where to get similar experiences?

You can also find this experience in gardening games on PC like Gardenscapes, Inner Garden, Farm Together, Pure Farming 2018 and many more. Some offer more realistic graphics to the table, and others provide a more cartoonish approach.

How to play Manifold Garden

Now, let’s talk about the platform to use to play gardening games. While the console is made specifically for games, PC is still the best option for gardening games. This is because the PC has better graphics thanks to its graphic card that you can upgrade to improve the resolution; you simply can’t do this on a console like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. Another reason is that PCs have better backward compatibility, meaning that you can play any game for a PC, no matter how old it is, with or without a physical disk.

Watch Manifold Garden full walkthrough of Gameplay

Manifold Garden PC version is better?

Need more reason why playing gardening games on PC is better than on consoles? Control flexibility. Yes, with a PC, players can choose the controller they want. Be it a Mouse and a keyboard or a gamepad; there are so many console games on PC, it’s only natural if players want to play with the original control scheme. Furthermore, it’s so easy to connect a gamepad to your PC, either wired or with Bluetooth.

Watch 6 minutes of animation whether PC is better or console? it's a general gaming debate

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