Happy Mail: Organize your inbox in a minute

The Happy Mail app

We are getting tens of emails daily. Some of them are more important than others, such as work and personal emails. Others can be promotions from various companies, emails from social networks where you are registered, newsletters from the websites you have subscribed to, and of course, advertisements. Sometimes it is really hard not to miss an important email or information in the sea of emails. Odds are, that even now, while you are reading this, your Gmail app icon shows that you have hundreds of unread emails. If you are like this, you might want to get the Happy Mail app for Gmail, it will help you sort your emails in a way, that you will never miss something important.  

The Happy Mail app will make your life easier 

Managing your inbox is more difficult from your phone than from your computer. Even if you have read and cleared all your emails, your phone still shows that you have dozens of emails sitting in your inbox, waiting to be read. The Happy Mail app is a great solution for it. It helps you organize your emails from the phone with a single tap. With it, you can say goodbye to the mess in your inbox. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. It has simple functions that can make your life easier. 

Preview email   

Sometimes you do not have enough time to read and process email as soon as it arrives. But if you do not do it right away, you might forget about it and leave an important email without a reply. With the Happy Mail app, you can preview and see the whole email. You can quickly go through it and tap the action of your choice. This way, you can directly delete spam emails, or those, that are not important for you and save the important ones to reply later.    

Process your emails   

The Happy mail app makes it very easy to process your emails. It only takes one tap or swipes to process email and organize your inbox. The app allows you to view your emails from old to new, so you will not miss anything. If you receive an email, you do not want to keep you can swipe right and delete it. If you want, you can swipe left and archive it. It is very convenient. You can process and organize your emails just in a minute and reach zero in your inbox folder!  

Read it, archive it, or delete it.    

With the Happy Mail app, you do not have to spend a lot of time organizing your emails. Everything you might want to do can be done with a single action. It makes it easier to reach zero emails in your inbox, than ever! Once you read your emails you can either delete it or archive it. This way, you will never have hundreds of junk emails sitting in your inbox. If you receive an email that you want to keep for reviewing later, you can swipe down and leave it in your inbox. The email will snooze for 10 minutes and let you make the progress.    

As you can see, the features of the Happy Mail app are very simple, users love this app exactly for its simplicity! You do not have to go into the settings or make several actions to reach your goal. You only need to swipe once to delete, archive, or save your emails. It cannot get any simpler! If you make a mistake and swipe left instead of right, do not worry! Simply tap the undo button and process your email in a way you wanted again.

Zero unread emails in your inbox  

The goal with the Happy Mail app is to reach zero in your inbox! No more junk emails and no more missed information due to the sea of unimportant emails.  Download the app today for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. Process your emails in seconds, organize your inbox and keep it neat and clean with the Happy Mail app!    



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