iOS 14 Tips and Tricks: Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

iOS14 Tips and Tricks

iOS 14 is the latest and greatest OS by Apple that comes with tons of great features. Apple has made some drastic changes in iOS 14, which led to great appreciation from the iPhone Users. If you are interested in iOS 14 and looking for the best iOS 14 Tips and Tricks, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will share some of the best Tips & Tricks you can use to get most of your iPhone. Let’s dive right into it. 

Enhance your experience with Widgets

One of the key changes in iOS 14 is the inclusion of Widgets. That’s right, the feature available to Android users for years, now it’s available for iOS users. However, Apple has made the Widgets more good looking than the Android ones. 

In iOS 14, you will find widgets for Maps, Photos, Battery Life, Fitness Rings for Apple Watch users, and tons of other cool Widgets. The inclusion of Widgets will allow users to access things more easily, improving the overall user experience.

Make your Home Screen look Cleaner

The major difference between previous iOS and iOS 14 is that it allows users to remove the App from the Home Screen. In the previous versions, uses weren’t allowed to remove the apps from the home screen, but in iOS 14, you can simply remove the App from the Home Screen. This action won’t delete the app entirely, you can still access it in App Library or via Search Bar, but it won’t show on Home Screen. This feature will help you make your Home Screen look clean with less number of apps.

Optimize the Audio

One of the hidden features of iOS 14 is the Headphone Accommodations. As many of us listen to our favourite music daily, we must get the best Audio Quality, and you can use this feature to optimize the Audio output. Apple has included this feature for those folks who have a hard time hearing, but it’s not limited to those only, and you can also use it if you want to optimize the audio quality.

It’s an advanced feature which you will find hidden in Accessibility settings. Using this feature, iPhone will run the A/B Tests series, which will help you find the right audio settings optimize according to your ears.

Back Tap for Shortcuts

Another Nifty trick of iOS 14 is the Back Tap, which you can use to trigger various functions by tapping on the back of your iPhone. You will find this feature hidden in the Accessibility settings.

Using this feature, you can set up two different actions for a double-tap and triple-tap. In the settings, you will find the list of functions that you can assign to each action and use it. It includes taking a screenshot, Opens the notification centre, mutes the multimedia content, home screen, switches App, and many more.

Customize your App’s Icons

One of the major problems with iOS has always been the customization, but Apple has included the customization option for App’s Icon in iOS 14. In iOS 14, you can easily change the App’s icon, and you can either take the photo from your camera or get one from your gallery. 

Multitasking with Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture is another very promising feature that has been included in iOS 14. Now FaceTime or videos won’t be keeping the entire screen because now you can minimize them, and you can also move the small window on the screen. Using Picture-in-Picture, you can keep watching a video or having FaceTime while working on other stuff. 

Set your favourite Browser & Email as default

iOS 14 also comes with a breeze of fresh air for those who don’t like the default iPhone’s App and want to use other apps as their default. Now, Apple allows iPhone users to pick their default browser and email apps. If you don’t want to use safari, that’s okay because you have other options such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others, which you can use as your default browser.

Enhance your Security with Security Recommendations

If you take your security seriously and want to know if you are picking the right password, iOS 14 can help you. It comes with the security recommendations, which let you know if the password is among the leaked passwords. Also, it let you know if your password is weak. So, it’s a great feature, and you should use it to improve your security. You can activate this feature in the Security section of the Settings. 


That’s all, folks. These are the best Tips and Tricks you can use to get the most out of your iPhone. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. If you want to learn more about iOS 14, don’t forget to check our review, where we have explained everything in detail.



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