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Lightning Final Fantasy Review 2021

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy review 2021.

Our Lightning Final Fantasy review will end the restless wait of thousands of Lightning Final Fantasy fans. This review will cover different aspects of the protagonist or a lead character, “Lighting”. The game’s director and scenario writer Motomu Toriyama created this remarkable character, and Tetsuya Nomura designed it. Her real name is Claire Farron, while Lighting is just a pseudonym. You can read about Mobius Final Fantasy review from our gaming experts also.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy main character.

Lightning has a sister Serah whom she was forced to raise by herself after the death of their parents. Her father died when she was very young, and her mother died before she turned fifteen. She is a soldier, a member of the Guardian Corps, at the start of the game. Later on, she leaves her position to rescue her sister Serah who was declared by fal’Cie as I’Cie. Lightning becomes a Purge to save her sister and boards a train full of unjustly exiled citizens to begin her quest to find her sister and defy the fate gods had chosen for her.

From being an optional playable Lightning Final, Fantasy Brave Exvius, to leading character Lightning Final Fantasy 13, FFBE Lightning is a female protagonist who is less feminine than the last character. She awesomely realizes the idea of creating a strong and adept fighting female character. Lightning FFBE adopts the pseudonym Lightning to escape her insecurities, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities to become an iron person and indeed becomes one. She successfully saves her homeworld, Cocoon and becomes a true warrior and a saviour.

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FFBE Lightning personality traits and abilities

Lightning Final Fantasy review is incomplete without Exvius Lightning’s personality traits and abilities. Lightning is a solid female character who loves to be independent, concentrated, and determined. She always seems indifferent and unaffectionate to people around her. She hides the true inner self that urges her to play eyeball to eyeball with dangers to protect her loved ones. Besides, the Lightning Final Fantasy review also compels us to jot down the abilities of Lightning FFBE as well. She is a master soldier, a competent combatant, and adept at fighting. Exvius Lightning is capable enough to trounce trained soldiers of PSICOM. Being a skilled fighter with weapons, she is also exceptionally good at hand to hand. That doesn’t sum up her abilities, as she also has the capabilities to cast magic with advanced magical powers and convey a message to the mortal realm.

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FFBE Lightning Weapon

FFBE Lightning’s weapons are another crucial aspect of the Lightning Final Fantasy review. She has several weapons available and a few keys of them are the following;

Blazefire Saber

Blazefire Saber is a gunblade and is a weapon that is the signature and trademark weapon of Lighting FFBE

Blazefire Saber in Final Fantasy XIII.
Flamberge in Final Fantasy XIII.


Flamberge is Lightning’s second-tier weapon and resembles a sword. A Blazefire Saber can be upgraded to the Flamberge weapon.

Axis Blade

Axis Blade is a rank five weapon that ff Exvius Lightning uses. It offers minimum strength, a magic increase of 8 (up to 48 once upgraded), in just an increment of 2.

Axis Blade in Final Fantasy XIII.
Enkindler sword in Final Fantasy XIII.


Enkindler is a level 30 exclusive weapon FF Lightning uses and is a remodelled weapon to suit the mobility requirements.

Edged Carbine

Edged Carbine is another Lightning FF weapon that gamers don’t want to use immediately. It helps Lightning enhance magic powers and forms a magic wall.

Edged Carbine weapon in Final Fantasy XIII.
Wol character in Final Fantasy.


Apocalypse is another gunblade weapon for Lightning with more strength and magical powers. It has the second-highest in the second tier while the highest strength and magic values in the first tier weapons


Lionheart is another Lightning weapon that Lightning obtains at the beginning of the 12th chapter and doesn’t have the highest strength and magic powers.

Lionheart gunblade in Final Fantasy XIII.

Aurora Scarf FFBE

Aurora Scarf FFBE is another crucial aspect of Lightning Brave Exvius, and Lightning Final Fantasy review cannot be completed without briefly touching it. It is a scarce object and is extremely difficult to obtain. Once a Final Fantasy player receives it, Lightning can hit the opponent twice with a normal attack. That means it facilitates very quick and consecutive attacks to subdue the enemy. Aurora Scarf FFBE enables Lightning to fight with more ability as well as agility. It is one of the most valuable items Lightning FF can obtain but surely the hardest one to achieve because of its extreme rarity.

Aurora Scarf accessory in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy.

Final words

Our Lightning Final Fantasy review has highlighted important aspects of Lightning, a protagonist in Final Fantasy 13. FFBE Lightning, a female character, was created to introduce a female character who is less feminine than the previous female characters in the game. Lightning is a solid and determined character who expresses real strength of character, determination, and motivation in raising her sister after the death of their parents. Although her demeanour makes her seem indifferent to others around him, she strongly cares for others, though inwardly. She is also an adept soldier and combatant who can go the extra mile to save her sister and humanity as a whole.


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