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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy review 2021.

Every gamer knows the struggle of selecting the right Mobius Final Fantasy job. If you consider all Lightning Final Fantasy jobs, you will end up more confused than you were before. Every Mobius job comes with its perks and pitfalls, and you need to carefully consider which one will fit the character you are trying to build the best. We deliver the review of the best role-playing game ever created.

This Mobius Final Fantasy job guide will help you learn more about Mobius FF jobs and how to master them. Then, you can browse the Fantasy job list with the confidence that you will make the most suitable choice.

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Everything about Mobius Lightning Final Fantasy job cards

The Mobius Final Fantasy job cards are an essential part of the gameplay since they affect the specializations and abilities of each character. Mobius job cards will affect your character’s appearance, elemental affinity, and Ability Cards that you can use in more detail.

If you want to master the Mobius Final Fantasy job of your choice, you need to learn what specs each job influences positively and which negatively. Then, by studying the Mobius Final Fantasy card tier list, you will know which Job Card and Ability Card will be the best for each game region.

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Guide to Classes

There are four basic Lightning Final Fantasy Mobius classes, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Monk. When you first begin your game, you will get the Onion Knight job card, and soon, you will also be able to choose between the Neophyte Ranger and Apprentice Mage cards. By exploring these entry-level FF Mobius classes, you can get an idea of what each Mobius Final Fantasy job has to offer to you.

In addition to the normal jobs, there are also some legendary jobs. The Soldier 1st class Mobius is one of the most famous legendary jobs that you can get. What sets them apart from the rest is that they are generally stronger jobs. However, the probability of getting one is low.

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Extra tips on characters

You need to remember about the Lightning Mobius Final Fantasy job you want because there is no best option. For example, an FF Mobius Dark Knight will be advantageous in some areas, while a Mobius FF Samurai will be better in another. Every decision you take is a part of a more excellent strategy so that you can complete the most challenging quests of the game.

Nevertheless, if you find that playing a Mobius Final Fantasy Dancer or a Mobius Final Fantasy Scholar character fits your style the best, you should always go for that option. Preference is usually an excellent guide for selecting how to play the game.

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Final Words

When it comes to the overall damage of a Mobius Final Fantasy job, the Ace Striker and the Soldier 1st class top the list. However, keep in mind that every class has its strengths and weaknesses, and so, different classes might be beneficial to you for various quests and areas. The most excellent way to find which job fits your style the most and get familiar with its specifications is to try all 4 of the primary classes. Once you’ve made your choice, you can branch out to numerous evolutions and variations


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