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Lord of the demons Deskari – story behind the character


Deskari was the most powerful Lord of the demon. There were many lords in different Pathfinder areas, but none of them could reach the level and influence higher than Deskari. It’s pronounced as “Dee Skar Ee” and has all the abilities to win against any character in the game. Pathfinder wrath of the righteous gives you a chance to fight against the biggest Lord of the demon hordes. Deksari himself is a compelling and skillful character in the game, and over the levels, you need to choose a different path to understand his weaknesses.

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How Lord of the demons Deskari looks like

The game developers decide to create an absolute human beast. We note ‘human-beast’ because there is no other word in vocabulary explaining his appearance. Above the waist, Deskari is human-like. He has a face, hands and everything that humans have. He is very dangerous because of the waist-down part. Deskari has a locust-like bottom side. Wings are additional features that Deskari has and may use as an advantage against your character. You can play with warriors, angels, demons or even scholars characters in the game, but skills & appearance (especially wings) are not repeatable.

Deskari – son of the Pazuzu

Unnamed giant insect, Pazuzu was a mighty warrior. When Pazuzu made their first breath on a material plane, Deskari was born. As mentioned, Pazuzu was an influential and powerful warrior, and he predicted a few things from the start. Pazuzu knew that Deskari had all the skills and genetic stuff ready to dominate the reality inside the city. That’s why unnamed giant insect Pazuzu jailed and sheltered his son Deskari in High M’Vania. Deskari was brilliant, and soon he realized that it was possible to create a cult with power and black magic. As he developed a cult and made a big tribe, Deskari became free. After Deskari became demon lord, he escaped from the city of High M’Vania and destroyed the realm of the Sarkis. In the game Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, you have to fight against Deskari and his unmatched army of demons.

Deskari’s interest in Sarkoris

You may have a few questions, and one of them sounds like this: what’s Deskari’s interest in Sarkoris? First of all, everyone is interested in this city. Sarkoris is the city of mighty warriors, demons, angels and all the scholars. That’s why Deskari wanted to destroy or control the city. Deksari has a very close friendship with Baphomet, another demon lord with the tribe ready to die. Baphomet and Deskari were fighting together, and their goals were similar. Deksari was smart enough to understand that the barrier between his and the realm of the Sarkoris was fragile. That’s why his tribe built many temples in the city to narrow and then destroy the town’s reality. Although Sarkoris’ citizens found that they were worshipping other gods rather than natural religion, they could not do anything against Deskari’s evil plan.

In this particular episode, you'll understand the reasons behind Deskari's intention to the city Sarkoris!

Features and skills of the demon lord

Aura of the Deskari: Frightful presence & unholy aura

Defensive abilities: He is very powerful when it comes to defensive skills. Along with grasping armour, he is good at moving around. His free movements may affect the strategy of the enemy.

His immunity: Deskari is immune to many things, including damage, energy drain and body poison.

Offensive skills of the Deskari: He is speedy, and no one can match his speed.



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