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Manifold Garden PS4 is a delight for the ears

Manifold Garden PS4 is a delight for the ears.

We are now landing in the world of the Manifold Garden on PS4. It’s where you can experience a memorable journey into a unique, aesthetic and creative puzzle. Developed by visual artist William Chyr, it was first released on Windows, macOS, and iOS on October 18, 2019. Approximately a year later, a port for the PlayStation 4 was released and spoiled us with mind-bending visuals along with challenging puzzles.

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General review of Manifold Garden PS4

As a Manifold Garden PS4 review, I can say that the gameplay is surprisingly fascinating like none other. You will find a “universe” with a different set of physical laws where you can manipulate gravity, meaning that floors can become ceilings and walls into floors as you navigate to crack the puzzles. You don’t have to worry about getting disoriented by the “gravity changes”, as Manifold Garden on PS 4 will change the overall colour hue of the game environment to help you identify which way is “up” and “down”.

Watch the full trailer of the Manifold Garden PS4 version

Explore more challenges

Keep in mind that there are no stories to tell and no enemies that challenge the player. So, you will keep on exploring while searching special cubes to put on their appropriate triggers so that the doors for the following areas open. It might seem like a not-so-interesting task to bring cubes to the right places, but they create the puzzles that are connected in a highly clever way that to solve them will make your brain hurt (in a good way).

Different color cubes

The cubes themselves have different colors. Each color of the cubes represents the floor with the trigger it needs to be placed, which is the floor with the same color as the cube. So, the complexity comes from correctly placing each piece of the cubes in the right place to open the door so that you can go to the next area.

Comparison with other Puzzle games

Like any other high-quality puzzle game that slowly introduces the player to their way of doing things, Manifold Garden on PS4 does the same. It starts with simple and easy puzzles to solve and visual cues to introduce gravity shifting and identify the colours representing the different surfaces. The further you get, the harder it gets because you need to think in terms of 3D space.

There are different games compared to Manifold Garden in the Puzzle space. Watch the video for the full review of the whole Puzzle gardening space.

Deluxe version for PS4

If you are a PlayStation 4 owner, you have the option to purchase a Deluxe Edition of Manifold Garden, which includes the original soundtrack and a Dynamic theme. An additional feature that you will get from Manifold Garden on PS4 is the Photography Mode Update, which has some tools and filters to use Manifold Garden’s world as a canvas for generating a beautiful piece of digital art that you can share for others to see.

Other consoles for the game

So, what about Manifold Garden that runs on other platforms like PC, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.? In terms of gameplay, there is no difference between those platforms. The task is to solve the puzzles within the game’s world that frequently repeat into infinity in all directions. All in all, Manifold Garden on PS4 is a well-crafted game that feels and looks strange yet beautiful, mind-boggling yet calming. It is because of the combinations of a stunningly beautiful environment design, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a gorgeous puzzler. Manifold Garden is a delight for the ears, the eyes and the mind.

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